G. Zinoviev & L.-O. Frossard

Telegram from the E.C. of the Comintern to Anatole France

(5 June 1922)

Source: International Press Correspondence, Vol. 2 No. 46, 9 June 1922, pp. 344.
On-line Publication: Zinoviev Internet Archive, December 2019.
Transcription/Mark-up: Einde O’Callaghan for the Marxists’ Internet Archive.

Anatole France,
c/o Humanité, Paris

On the eve of the opening of the trial of the Social Revolutionaries, the Soviet Government, with which you interceded on behalf of the accused on the ground of one-sided information, whose purpose was to take advantage of your good faith, invites you to attend the proceedings. The Soviet Government would be pleased to be able to welcome you here and the representatives of the French Communist Party in Moscow join in this request of the Russian proletarian government.

Moscow, June 5th

Zinoviev, Frossard

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