Gregory Zinoviev

New Crime of the German "Social-Democratic Government"

Source: By radio, April 1, 1919.
Published: The Communist International, Vol. I, No. 1, 1919
Online Version: Zinoviev Internet Archive, August 2002
Transcription: Sally Ryan
HTML Markup: Roland Ferguson

In Berlin a new monstrous crime has been committed by the Government of the German Social-Democrats. The Government of Scheideman and Noske has brutally shot comrade Leo Tyshko, an old revolutionary, the former representative of the Polish Social-Democrats at the 2nd International. For over 30 years comrade Tyshko has fought in the workers' ranks for the cause of Socialism. Comrade Tyshko was at the head of the heroic Polish proletariat at the time when the latter erected the first revolutionary barricades in Warsaw and Lodz. Many years comrade Tyshko passed in prison, as a fighter for the workmen's cause. In 1906 he was sentenced to 8 years of hard labour. When he succeeded in escaping from prison he at once resumed the struggle for the cause of Socialism. The revolution of November found Tyshko in a German prison into which he was thrown by the government of William II. During ten years comrade Tyshko was one of the most faithful and prominent leaders of the German revolutionary movement. Together with Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg comrade Tyshko was the principal founder of the Spartacus group, which later developed into the Communist Party of Germany, International Socialism knew no more devoted, more self-denying, or more energetic workman than com. Tyshko.

And this is the comrade that Scheidemann and Noske, who call themselves social-democrats, have now brutally murdered.

Comrade Tyshko was shot because to his last breath he was faithful to the interests of the working class and Communism.

Comrade Tyshko was shot because he was the mortal enemy of bourgeois order.

The Communistic International calls upon the workmen of all countries to bare their heads before the grave of this remarkable fighter and organizer of indomitable energy. The Communistic International is convinced that the day is not far off when the workmen of Germany will deal with the bourgeoisie executioners and butchers of the Berlin Communists--Scheideman, Ebert and Noske--according to their merits.

President of the Executive Committee of the Communist International

April 1st 1919.


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