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Clara Zetkin

Clara Zetkin


Only in Conjunction With the Proletarian Woman Will Socialism Be Victorious, October 1896

The Workers’ International Festival, May 1899

May Greetings from Stuttgart, May 1900

Social-Democracy & Woman Suffrage, 1906

For Adult Suffrage, May 1909

German Socialist Women’s Movement, October 1909

A Greeting from Abroad, May 1913

August Bebel Obituary, August 1913

German Women to Their Sisters in Great Britain, December 1913

The Duty of Working Women in War-Time, November 1914

The Women of Germany to the Women of Great Britain, January 1915

Rosa Luxemburg (intro to the Junius Pamphlet), May 1919

Karl Liebknecht, September 1919

Rosa Luxemburg, September 1919

Hail to the Third Socialist International!, 1919

In Defence of Rosa Luxemburg, 1919

Through Dictatorship to Democracy, 1919

The Situation in Germany, 1920

Lenin on the Women’s Question

A May-Day Message from Germany

Clara Zetkin in Moscow

Fraternal Greetings to the Communist Unity Convention, 1920

The following 6 documents in this section were translated by John Riddell from the original languages they were presented and transcribed at the 3rd Congress of the Comintern in 1921.

World Economic Crisis and the New Tasks of the Communist International, June 24, 1921

Speech in Discussion of Executive Committee Report, June 27, 1921

Speech in Discussion of Italian Question, June 29, 1921

Statement, July 2, 1921

Speech in Discussion of Tactics and Strategy, July 2, 1921

Speech Report on Communist Women’s Movement, July 8, 1921

The following 3 documents in this section were translated by John Riddell from the original languages they were presented and transcribed at the 4th Congress of the Comintern in 1922.

Speech to Opening Session of the Fourth Congress of the Communist International, November 5, 1922

Report on Five Years of the Russian Revolution, November 13–14, 1922
Alternative translation above speech from International Press Correspondence

Report on Communist Work among Women, November 27, 1922
Extracts from alternative translation from International Socialism

The International Communist Women’s Day, March 1922

The Communist Delegation to the Chairman of the Commission of Nine, May 1922

To Arthur Henderson and James Ramsay MacDonald! (with N. Bukharin, L.-O. Frossard & K. Radek), March 1922

The Struggle Against New Imperialistic Wars, 1922

Organising Working Women, 1922

The Russian Revolution & the Fourth Congress of the Comintern, 1922

Open Letter to the London and Vienna Internationals and the Amsterdam Trade Union International, January 1923 (with Fritz Heckert, Walton Newbold & Karl Radek)

March 8 – The International Communist Women’s Day, 1923, March 1923

Fight Fascism!, March 1923

International Committee of Action against War and Fascism, April 5, 1923

Soviet Russia and the IWR (with Alfons Paquet), June 7, 1923

The Struggle Against Fascism, June 20, 1923, to the Third Plenum of the Executive Committee of the Communist International
Alternative version in International Press Correspondence

Concluding Speech, June 21, 1923

Resolution on Fascism, Communist International Executive Committee, June 23, 1923

The Enlarged Executive – Eleventh Day of Session, June 23, 1923

Report of the Commission on the Women’s Question, June 23, 1923

The Third Anniversary of the Kommunistka, The Women’s Organ of Soviet Russia’s Proletarian Revolution, June 28, 1923

Help Reconstruction in Russia! (signed with 39 others), July 25, 1923

Fascism, August 1923

From the International of Word to the International of Deed

World Wide Field of Activity of the Comintern

To the Congress of the German Communist Party

The German October and the Path to Workers’ Power, 1924

Reminiscences of Lenin, 1924

From My Memorandum Book (An Interview with Lenin on the Woman Question)

The Clara Zetkin Collections at the International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam.
Museum-Clara-Zetkin im Zetkin-Haus, Birkenwerder.
Archiv Clara Zetkin, German-language archive in MIA.


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