The International Situation and the Red Army

IV. The Events in Germany in the Autumn of 1923

Letter to the Editorial Board
of Rote Fahne

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Dear Comrades! Madness and chaos reign in Europe. The three southern peninusulas [1] are officially in the grip of Fascism. [2] French militarism intends to strangle the German people. But when one opens a new issue of Rote Fahne one feels that the German people, represented by its working class, is alive and great, and able to cut its way into the, future.

Rabochaya Gazeta,
October 17, 1923, No. 234


1. The Pyrennean peninsula (Spain), the Apennine peninsula (Italy) and the Balkan peninsula (Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Greece).

[2] The term ‘Fascism’ was used rather loosely in the Comintern at this time. In 1931 Trotsky acknowledged that it had been wrong to call the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera (1921–1930) ‘fascist’.

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