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Self-Criticism of the Communist Camp (September 15, 1948)

The Twentieth Congress of the CPSU (May 20, 1956)

On the Recent Incidents in Hungary (November 15, 1956)

Crisis in Culture, and Fascism (1957)

Imre Nagy (July 12, 1958)

War and Peace, Peaceful Co-existence and Peaceful Transition to Socialism (July, 1959)

Marxism and Development of Human Society (June 18, 1960)

The Aim and Object of Krishak O Khetmajur Federation and Its Organizational Problems (June 18, 1960)

On the Steps taken by the CPSU against Stalin (November 16-18, 1961)

Call of the Hour (June 1962)

A Few Economic Problems (September 1962)

Some questions on the way the Cuban Crisis had been solved (February 1, 1963)

An Appeal to the Leaders of the International Communist Movement (September 1, 1963)

Some Aspects of Marxism and Dialectical Materialism (June 26, 1964)

On  the  Tonkin  Crisis (November, 1964)

On Communal Problems (November 1964)

The Present Situation and Our Task (April 24, 1966)

Labour Policy of First UF Government of West Bengal : Its real Significance(May 15, 1967)

Independence on 15th August and Problems of Emancipation of People (August 15, 1967)

To The Youth (Setember 17, 1967)

On Theory of Knowledge, Dialectical Materialism, and the Revolutionary Life (October 14 - 17, 1967)

Cultural Revolution of China (October 27, 1967)

The Post-Second World War International Situation and Lessons of the November Revolution (November 7, 1967)

A Scientific Approach to Our Educational-Cultural Problems (February 4, 1968)

Soviet Military Intervention in Czechoslovakia and Revisionism (August 26, 1968)

Lessons of November Revolution and Revolutionary Movement in India (November 15, 1968)

Why SUCI is the Only Genuine Communist Party in India (March 18, 1969)

The Cultural Movement in India and Our Tasks (May 26, 1969)

Some Aspects of United Front Politics and Party Work (July 30, 1969)

On Communist Code of Conduct (August 19, 1969)

The Ninth Congress of the Communist Party of China (August 30, 1969)

United Front Politics and Our Task in the Present Situation (October 29, 1969)

An Evaluation of Saratchandra (1970 - 1974)

Agrarian Problems and Peasant Movement in India (March 29, 1970)

Danger from Left Opportunism in Running a United Front Government (April 24, 1970)

On Liberation Struggle of Bangladesh (April 24, 1971)

Science of Marxism is the Scientific Dialectical Methodology (November 16, 1971)

Fascism and Moral Ethical Crisis in Left, Democratic Movement (April 24, 1973)

On Cultural Degeneration and Unemployment Problem - Whither the Solution (June 26, 1973)

The Tenth Congress of The Communist Party of China (November 6, 1973)

Tasks Ahead of Students and Youth (January 13, 1974)

On Some Vital Problems of Peasants' Life (March 10, 1974)

Carry Proletarian Culture and Ethics to the Worker (March 17, 1974)

On Preserving Unity and Establishing Revolutionary Leadership in Workers' Movement (March 18, 1974)

Present Situation and Main Danger to Democratic Movement (April 24, 1974)

Style of Work of a Revolutionary Party Worker (June 2, 1974)

Tribute to a Revolutionary Character (September 17, 1974)

Homage to Comrade Subodh Banerjee (September 23, 1974)

Under the Banner of the Great November Revolution (November 08, 1974)

Left Movement in India and Tasks of the Students (November 08, 1974)

Problems of Mass Movements in India (June 20, 1975)

Mass Movements in India and Tasks of the Youth (June 21, 1975)

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