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New GPU Slander Drive Is in the Making

(April 1948)

Written: April 1948.
Source: Labor Action, Vol. 12 No. 20, 17 May 1948, pp. 1 & 4.
Transcribed/HTML Markup: Einde O’Callaghan for the Marxists’ Internet Archive.

The French weekly France Dimanche presented to its readers on March 21 of this year a testament supposedly drawn up by Trotsky on May 20, 1940. (See Labor Action, April 19Ed.) This political will attributes to Trotsky a change of heart regarding the socialist revolution and his faith in the working class. The editors of the paper hasten to attest to their complete objectivity in publishing this “sensational document.” They did not bother, however, to question me on the subject. They found it more objective to refer to their interview of December 8, 1946 with the assassin “Jacson-Mornard,” whom they designate, repeating the lie of the GPU, as a collaborator of Trotsky’s. This fact alone suffices to brand them as paid hirelings of the Stalin apparatus. The unscrupulous gangsters of the pen cite the gangsters of the pick-ax and the knife.

The so-called “Mornard” interview, supplemented by his “confessions” concerning the crime committed by him eight years previously, give a new version of the murder. The “sensational document” is but a continuation of a long chain of forgeries exposed by the Dewey commission in 1937. The completely fabricated will bears the usual inept and clumsy hallmarks of the dull police mind. It should occasion no surprise that having the complete confidence of the assassin, France-Dimanche is also in the confidence of his masters in Moscow.

The Bigger the Lie ...

The origin of the document is just as mythical as the document itself. According to France-Dimanche the testament was drawn up in July 1940 and that same month a Soviet agent succeeded in procuring a copy and sending it to Moscow. What speed in so delicate a matter! A second copy came into possession of France-Dimanche editors a short time back, presumably through the recently deceased Victor Serge (Kibalchich). In this case the GPU manifested an incredible sluggishness. It provided itself with a copy so as to confirm therewith if necessary the existence of the France-Dimanche document. Thus, eight years of significant silence were broken in the venal press. The Stalinist apparatus manufactures not only the document, but the proper occasion for its revelation.

The soviet agent presumably procured a copy at the end of July from a “close friend” of Trotsky’s. France-Dimanche mistakenly places the date of the assassination on July 20, 1940, so that the document, according to their calendar, was stolen soon after the assassination. But Trotsky was murdered a full month later. It must now be explained how the theft went unnoticed during an entire month. Neither I, nor any of the friends-co-workers of Trotsky ever saw or heard of such a testament. But THREE (!) copies somehow came into the possession of the writer Victor Serge. How? Victor Serge left Paris at the end of May 1940, before the Germans entered Paris and for months moved about the south of France, without a permanent domicile. Serge himself immigrated to Mexico only in September of 1941, thirteen months after the death of Trotsky. But the master forgers care nought for accuracy! Logic is foreign to them. They follow unswervingly Hitler’s aim: “the bigger the lie, the more it will be believed.”

Moreover, Trotsky had broken politically with Serge back in 1937 and criticized him sharply in many of his articles. Serge, who had great respect for Trotsky, moved away from revolutionary Marxism, if he was ever a genuine revolutionary Marxist. What need would Serge have had for concealing the existence of so important a document, more especially since it was seemingly intended for “open declaration to the world’s workers”? True to the GPU form set in the Moscow Trials, everything hinges on a witness who can never be called to testify. Victor Serge is dead.

Prepare New Slanders

What aims does the GPU pursue in fabricating this testament of Trotsky? They are not far to seek. Efforts along such lines were not only to be expected: they were actually predicted at the time of the Nuremberg trial of the Nazi arch-criminals. The Stalinist prosecutor present at that trial did not dare to accept the challenge of the numerous petitions sent to the presiding judge, requesting that questions be put to Hess and the others to test the accuracy of testimony of the Moscow Trials concerning the alleged tie-up between Trotsky and the Nazis. The resounding silence, the utter failure to produce one single document that could even remotely bolster up the GPU frame-ups made it a foregone conclusion that new lies would be concocted, not in the light of day, but under circumstances more favorable for Stalinist fraud. The fake testament will not be the last poisoned dish cooked up by the GPU. Each big lie demands new and bigger fabrications.

It is evident that a new campaign of slander and calumny is being set in motion, first of all in France. France is today the critical testing ground for the proletariat. It is no accident that along with the forgery of a will, there is appearing in French the GPU book of the Stalinist henchmen, Kahn and Sayers, The Great Conspiracy. The fake testament and the book of frauds are intended to divert attention from the real testament of Trotsky. Everything that he ever wrote is open to the working class of the entire world for whom it was intended. When the murderer’s pick-ax entered the brain of Trotsky, his life-blood spattered over his last work. It was the manuscript on Stalin. This work is about to appear in France. The Stalinists have every reason to fear the influence of this work upon workers and public opinion. The biography is one part of the real testament of L.D. Trotsky. The last words of Trotsky, on his death-bed, spoken in my presence show how unbreakable was the revolutionary spirit of this man. It is the complete answer to the new calumny. “Tell the friends that I am sure of the victory of the Fourth International. Go forward!”

That message was immediately transmitted by wireless and press to all corners of the world. It is the meaning of that message reinforced by all the living ideas of Trotskyism that leaves the Stalinists no peace. The very lies in their monstrous growth, one negating the other and yet being feverishly manufactured anew, are a tribute to the strength of the real ideas of Trotsky. Stalin would like to shut the door of Trotskyism to the workers by having them think it leads to hopelessness and bankruptcy. That door is Stalinism. Precisely through the heritage of the unconquerable Marxist teaching, inspired by the revolutionary fervor of L.D. Trotsky, will the world working class regain its confidence and its unified strength. In vain do the Stalinist gravediggers of the revolution use their temporary power to bury the gigantic thought contained in the October revolution. All the lies of the frightful totalitarian regime that now rules Russia will crumble along with the regime itself – this is inevitable. Trotskyism remains the sole continuator of the great revolutionary traditions of Marx, Engels and Lenin. That is the essence of the real testament of Leon Trotsky.

April 1948

Coyoacan, Mexico

Note: Suit for libel has been instituted against the French weekly France-Dimanche.

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