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Theo Rothstein



Articles in “The Social Democrat”

Why is Socialism in England at a Discount (to be continued), March 1898
Why is Socialism in England at a Discount? April 1898
Both are the Best March 1899
The Ethics of Sex Relationship, May 1899
Sexual Ethics and Twaddle, July 1899
The War and Democracy, March 1900
Our Policy, June 1900
The Coming of the State, December 1901
Russia in Revolutionary Throes – Scenes and Pictures, April 1902
Municipal Socialism, April 1903
The Conflict in the Far East, February 1904
The War – and After, May 1904
The War – and After, June 1904
Assassination of Plehve, August 1904
The Fortunes of Social Democracy in Russia or the Dogma Triumphant, February 1905
The Eclectic Theory of History. November 1905
The “Synthetic” Criticism of Marx, April 1906
Defeat better than a Victory, February 1907
Marx, Engels and the S.D.F., March 1908
Colonial Civilisation, August 1908
The Crisis in the Independent Labour Party, August 1909


Articles in “Justice”

Parliamentarism and the Working Class, January 1907
Russian Elections, February 1907
The New Duma, March 1907
Social Democrats and Their Tactics In The Russian Duma, March 1907
The Russian Duma and Liberal Treachery, April 1907
The Russian Coup d’état, June 1907
Revisionist Misrepresentation, September 1907
The Third Duma — a Retrospect and a Prospect, November 1907
The Socialist Annual (Letter), December 1907
The Socialist Annual, January 1908
The Debate on Unemployment, February 1908
The Communist Club, February 1908
The “Short and Simple” Non-Conformist Bill, March 1908
His Majesty’s Opposition, July 1908
That Yellow Book, July 1908
Peace or Revolution, September 1908
The Debacle, October 1908
The Shame of England, October 1908
Max Beer and the Labour Opportunists, December 1908
Fraternal Democracy, April 1910
“The German Menace”, January - April 1911
“Our” Food Supply, January 1913
Revelations, November 1913


Articles in “The Call”

Cotton Iron and Imperialism, March 1917
Defence of the Russian Republic, April 1917
The May-day Message, May 1917
The Case For Indemnities, June 1917
The Case Against Indemnities, June 1917
The League of Nations, October 1917
The Austro-German Peace Terms, January 1918
Prince Lichnowsky’s Memorandum, April 1918
Marx as a Revolutionary Thinker, May 1918
The Bankruptcy of the Second International, May 1918
The German Socialist Minority: A Rejoinder, May 1918
The German Socialist Minority, July 1918
The Reconstruction of the International, July 1918
Dictatorship and Democracy, September 1918
The German Revolution, November 1918
Democracy and the Proletarian Revolution (editorial), December 1918
The Meaning of Social Revolution, January 1919
Our Martyred Dead, January 1919
The Rift in the Paris Lute, April 1919
What is Our Position?, April 1919
The Two May Days, May 1919
A Bandit’s Peace, May 1919
Parliamentarism and Trade Unionism, June 1919
Parliamentarism and Trade Unionism II, June 1919
Lackeys of the Master Class, June 1919
The Power of the Russian Revolution, July 1919
Towards a Revolutionary World War, July 1919
A Cunning Device, September 1919
Parliamentarism and Trade Unionism, September 1919
Let us Understand the Pioneers, November 1919
A Revolutionary Municipal Policy, November 1919
The Fate of the German Revolution, November 1919
Labour’s Impotence and Its Strength, March 1920
Man Has Arisen!, April 1920
The Call of May Day, April 1920

Articles in “The Communist International”

The Edinburgh Conference of the Labour Party, 1922