Arthur Rosenberg 1936

Arthur Rosenberg

A History of the German Republic

Published in 1936 by Methuen & Co Ltd, 36 Essex Street, London WC2.
Translated from the German by Ian Morrow and Marie Sieveking.
Scanned and prepared for the Marxist Internet Archive by Paul Flewers.


Chapter I: After 9 November 1918
Chapter II: The Government of the People’s Representatives
Chapter III: Spartacus and Noske
Chapter IV: The National Assembly at Weimar
Chapter V: The Kapp Putsch
Chapter VI: The Period of Catholic Democracy, 1920–1922
Chapter VII: The Occupation of the Ruhr and the Inflation, 1923
Chapter VIII: Stresemann and Stabilisation, 1924–1928
Chapter IX: The End, 1928–1930


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