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George Rawick

George Rawick

1929 – 1990

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Winter 1956

Hofstadter’s Dilemma – To Reform or Conform? (as George Rawlings) (book review)

Spring 1957

Roosevelt as a Saint (book review)

Spring 1958

A New Look at the New Deal (book review)

Spring 1964

The American Negro Movement

Autumn 1965

A Fabian to the West (book review)

Autumn 1965

Another Country (book review)

Winter 1965

The English Working Class (extended book review)

Summer 1966

The Notebook – Meany and the AFL-CIO

Summer 1966

Writers Reply – Reply to Angus Hone

Autumn 1966

A Good ’Un (book review)

Winter 1966/67

Watts What (book review)

November 1966

A New Nation in a New World

January 1967

Toward a New History of Slavery in the U.S.

Summer 1967

Rappite Harmony (book review)

Summer 1968

Before Stokely (book review)

June/July 1968

Notes on the American Working Class

July 1968

The Historical Roots of Black Liberation

March 1969

Working Class Self-Activity


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