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Karl Radek


Member of the R.S.D.L.P. since its beginning, where he was active in Galicia, Russian Poland and Germany. Took an anti-war stand during WWI. Became a Bolshevik in 1917. In 1923 a member of the Left Opposition; expelled from the party in 1927 as a result. Radek re-entered the party in 1930, but was again expelled in 1936. Tried in the Second Moscow Trial, and died while in prison. Serge had written of Radek: “A sparkling writer ... thin, rather small, nervous, full of anecdotes which often had a savage side to them ... just like an old-time pirate.”



March 1909

The Unity of the Working Class


Marxism and the Problems of War

5 May 1916

The End of a Song


The Development of Socialism from Science to Action

April 1918

Five Months On

April 1918

The International Situation

April 1918

The Foreign Policy of the Soviet Republic

April 1918

The Red Army

September 1918

Preface to Arthur Ransomes’s A Letter to America

18 January 1919

Karl Liebknecht – At the Martyr’s Graveside

March 1919

The Future of the World Revolution

6 November 1919



Dictatorship and Terrorism (book)


The Usurer and Policeman of Europe

May 1920

Communist Reconstruction

June–July 1920

The Labour Movement, Shop Committees and the Third International

June–July 1920

The Polish Question and the International

July 1920

England and the East

3 August 1920

On the Trade Unions, at Second Congress of the Communist International;
Replying to the Discussion

October 1920

Bertrand Russell’s Sentimental Journey

1 April 1921

The Kronstadt Uprising

May 1921

The Downfall of Levi

25 June 1921

Report from Credentials Commission, at Third Congress of the Communist International, translated by John Riddell

26 June 1921

Speech in Discussion of Executive Committee Report, at Third Congress of the Communist International, translated by John Riddell

30 June 1921

Report on Tactics and Strategy, at Third Congress of the Communist International, translated by John Riddell

30 June 1921

Summary to Discussion of Tactics and Strategy, at Third Congress of the Communist International, translated by John Riddell

10 September 1921

Outlines of World Politics

17 October 1921

The International Situation and the Task before the Working Class

19 October 1921

The political situation in Poland and Pilsudski’s provocation policy

29 October 1921

The Soviet Government and the Recognition of the Pre-War Debts

8 November 1921

The Anglo-French Conflict in Europe and the Washington Conference


Is the Russian Revolution a Bourgeois Revolution? (pamphlet)

13 December 1921

Is the Russian Revolution a Bourgeois Revolution? (Part 1)

16 December 1921

Is the Russian Revolution a Bourgeois Revolution? (Part 2)


The Paths of the Russian Revolution


Foundation of the Two and a Half International


Eve of Fusion of the Second and Two-and-a-Half International


From the Hague to Essen

10 January 1922

The Next Problems Before the Communist International

10 January 1922

Soviet Russia and Genoa

2 April 1922

Speech at the Berlin Conference

5 April 1922

Reply to Ramsay Macdonald

12 April 1922

The Results of the Berlin Conference of the Three Internationals

19 April 1922

Genoa and Soviet Russia

19 April 1922

The Fight for the Existence of the Russian Soviet Republic

5 May 1922

The Champions of the World Proletariat

2 June 1922

The Results of the First International Campaign for the Proletarian United Front

7 June 1922

Radio (with B. Kohn)

9 June 1922

Report of Comrade Radek on the Break-Up of the Commission of Nine

9 June 1922

The Results of the Session of the Enlarged Executive Committee

17 June 1922

To Arthur Henderson and James Ramsay MacDonald! (with N. Bukharin, L.-O. Frossard & C. Zetkin)

17 June 1922

The Historical Significance of the Trial of the Social Revolutionaries

20 June 1922

The Hague Conference

20 June 1922

An Open Letter to Vandervelde

24 June 1922

Soviet Russia and Disarmament

28 June 1922

American Workers and Soviet Russia

28 June 1922

The German Crisis

18 July 1922

Maxim Gorki and the Russian Revolution

28 July 1922

The Class Struggle in Germany After the Rathenau Murder

2 August 1922

New Disclosures About the Social Revolutionary Party

8 August 1922

The Revision of the German Indemnity and International Indebtedness

10 August 1922

Social-Revolutionary Thieves and Menshevik Receivers

11 August 1922

The Voice of the Workers’ International

12 August 1922

The Assassination of Djemal Pasha

18 August 1922

The New Economic Policy and the Dictatorship of the Proletariat

18 August 1922

Russia’s Peace Negotiations with Japan

29 August 1922

The European Crisis and Soviet Russia

30 August 1922

Where the S.R.’s Got Their Money

1 September 1922

The Grave Diggers of Capitalism

5 September 1922

Reparations Hubbub

19 September 1922

The Russo-Japanese Peace Negotiations

22 September 1922

The Annulment of the Treaty of Versailles

26 September 1922

The Stinnes Agreement

29 September 1922

The Fight for the Straits

October 1922

The Winding-Up of the Versailles Treaty, Report to the IV. Congress of the Comintern

6 October 1922

The Change in the English Tactics in the Near East

10 October 1922

The Greek Revolution (another source)

13 October 1922

The Menials of English Imperialism

17 October 1922

The Japanese Claims in the Far East

24 October 1922

The Dardanelles Question in Terms of Naphtha

27 October 1922

The New United States Tariff

27 October 1922

Agitation Theses for the 5th Anniversary of the October Revolution

3 November 1922

Lloyd George’s Resignation

10 November 1922

The Lausanne Conference

15 November 1922

The Capitalist Offensive

29 November 1922

The Conference in Lausanne

11 December 1922

The Bloc of the Amsterdamers with the Liberal Bourgeoisie, against the United Front of the Proletariat

December 1922

Speech at the Hague Peace Conference


Ruhr and Hamburg

16 January 1923

Open Letter to the London and Vienna Internationals and the Amsterdam Trade Union International (with Fritz Heckert, Walton Newbold & Clara Zetkin

10 March 1923

What has Mr. Vandervelde to say?

13 March 1923

Mussolini’s campaign against the Italian Communists

13 March 1923

To Comrades Cachin, Monmousseou, Treint, Semard, Jacob et al. (on behalf of the ECCI, with Trotzky, Bukharin, Gramsci et al.)

20 March 1923

Soviet Russia and the German Proletariat

22 March 1923

Lenin (On the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the C.P.R.)

29 March 1923

In the heart of civilized Europe

April 1923

Leon Trotsky, Organizer of Victory
Alternative version in International Press Correspondence

5 April 1923

Powerless Germany

May 1923


3 May 1923

A History Lesson for the Archbishop of Canterbury – and a History Lesson on the Archbishops of Canterbury

9 May 1923

Empty Threats ...

17 May 1923

The Death of Martov

31 May 1923

The Balance of the Hamburg Socialist Conference

June 1923

The International Outlook

13 June 1923

Speech at Session of Enlarged Executive of C.I.

15 June 1923

Speech on the World Political Situation

16 June 1923

Concluding Speech

16 June 1923

Manifesto on Bulgaria

16 June 1923

The Enlarged Executive – Sixth Day of Session

20 June 1923

Leo Schlageter: The Wanderer into the Void (“The Schlageter Speech”)
Alternative version in International Press Correspondence

19 July 1923

Fascism, Ourselves and the German Social-Democrats

26 July 1923

Fascism and Communism
Alternative version in International Press Correspondence

9 August 1923

Flunkeys to His Most Excellent Majesty!

16 August 1923

The Impending Bankruptcy of the German Bourgeoisie and the Tasks of the Communist Party of Germany

23 August 1923

Antoine Ker (The Road to Communism)

23 August 1923

Poland’s Foreign Policy

30 August 1923

The Stresemann Government

6 September 1923

The Opposition in the German Social Democracy and the Tasks of the CP of Germany

10 September 1923

A Reply to M. Faure and the Other Socialist Agents of Poincaré

13 September 1923

The Danger of Intervention against Germany

20 September 1923

The German Junkers Take Command

27 September 1923

Revolution and Counter-Revolution Communism and the Nationalist Movement in Germany

28 September 1923

The Capitulation of the German Bourgeoisie

11 October 1923

Not Backwards, but Forwards

27 October 1923

French Imperialism and the Prospects in Germany


Through Germany in the Sealed Coach

October 1926

November: A Page of Recollections

December 1926

A Letter to Klara Zetkin


Larisa Reisner

October 1928

Appeal for Trotsky


Capitalist Slavery vs. Socialist Organisation of Labour

January 1931

Greetings to Romain Rolland


The Birth of the First International


Fifteen Years of the Communist International (pamphlet)

August 1934

Contemporary World Literature and the Tasks of Proletarian Art (Speech at the Soviet Writers Congress)


Felix Dzerzhinski

May 1935

At A New Stage

May 1935

Head in the Lion’s Mouth

May 1935

The Barrel Organ


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