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Harry Pollitt


Harry Pollitt








1922: The Engineers’ Lockout in Britain
1922: The Situation in England
1922: English Miners’ Conference at Blackpool
1922: The Labor Movement in England
1922: A Challenge

1923: The Issues Before the Trades Union Congress
1923: Lessons of Plymoth: it’s challenge to our Party
1923: The Trades Councils Conference
1923: The British Unions at Plymouth
1923: Fascism – An Undelivered Speech

1925: Against British Capitalism in Egypt, Eastern Bureau of the Comitern

1927: The Conference of Executives

1928: Pollitt’s Reply to Citrine

1933: The United Front in Great Britain

1935: The Influence of Socialist Construction in the U.S.S.R. on Workers in Capitalist Countries

1937: In Memory of the British Comrade Who Have Fallen in Spain
1937: The Twentieth Anniversary and its Lessons for British Workers
1937: International Unity Can Bring Peace to Spain and Europe
1937: Spain at the Crossroads
1937: The Twentieth Anniversary and Great Britain

1938: The Coming General Election
1938: On the Eve of the Indian National Congress, with R. Palme Dutt and Ben Bradley
1938: Trial of the Group of Conspirators of the ‘Bloc of Rights and Trotskyists’: The Crushing of the Traitors – A Triumph for Peace and Socialism
1938: Speeches to the Fifteenth CPGB Congress, 16–19 September

1940: The Communist Party and the Labour Party

1942: Unity For Victory in 1942

1945: Why you should be a Communist

1949: Greetings to the Delegates of the Twenty-First Party Congress
1949: Political Report to the Twenty-First Party Congress



1936: Shapurji Saklatvala
1937: Ralph Fox
1941: Tom Mann



1935: With Dimitrov at the Seventh Congress of the Comintern
1955: Pollitt meeting Mao


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