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Peter Petroff

Biography, by Ted Crawford

Articles in “Justice”

The Persian Revolution, 24 July 1909
The Czar’s Finger Prints In Persia, 31 July 1909
The Revolution in Persia, 7 August 1909
Russian Revolution and Counter-Revolution — I, 12 February 1910
Russian Revolution and Counter-Revolution — I, 19 February 1910
Russian Revolution and Counter-Revolution – III, 5 March 1910
Russian Revolution and Counter-Revolution – IV, 26 March 1910
Russia and Finland, 11 June 1910
An Explanation, 3 September 1910
The Anti-Alien Crusade, January 1911

Some Comparison of Methods of Organisation I, SDP News July 1911
Some Comparison of Methods of Organisation II, SDP News August 1911
The Old International, Justice September 1912
Promises of the Tsar, Labour Leader October 1914
The Balkan Problem, Vanguard November 1915
The Breakdown of the International, Vanguard November 1915
Rebuilding the International, Vanguard December 1915
Reply to Hyndman, Justice January 1916

Letters from Peter Petroff to his wife Irma, November 1917-January 1918
Stalin versus Marx, Social-Democrat, June 1930
Elementary Education in the Five Years Plan?, Social-Democrat, February 1931

Co-operation and State Capitalism, in Wheatsheaf, September 1934
The Secret of Hitler’s Victory, 1934

Articles in “Labour”

Essence of Fascism, February 1934
Socialist Civilisation or Blackshirt Barbarism?, April 1934
Fallacies of the One-Party State, May 1934
State Capitalism or Socialist Commonwealth?, June 1934
German Labour under the Slavery Act, July 1934
Bankruptcy of Fascism, August 1934
The Soviet Constitution, April 1935
The Growing Opposition in Germany, August 1935
The Plight of the Honest Left Winger, September 1935
Fascist Goods Under Left-Wing Trade Marks, December 1935
Decline of Fascism – European Perspectives, February 1936
Modern Hero Worship, May 1936
A Socialist Peace Policy, June 1936
New Constitution of the U.S.S.R., July 1936
George Tchitcherin, August 1936
The Volga Germans, November 1936
The Defence of Democracy, November 1936
The Tragedy of the Red Army, July 1937
The Metamorphosis of Soviet Trade Unionism, November 1937
Social Insurance in the U.S.S.R., December 1937
The Soviet Wages System, February 1938
The Growth of Class Antagonism, May 1938
Fascism on the March, November 1938
Mobilisation of Cowardice, December 1938
No Alternative – Socialism or the Migration of Peoples, January 1939
Hitler’s Ukrainian Dream, February 1939
Totalitarianism – a Total Failure, March 1939
Fruits of Munich, April 1939
The Road to War, May 1939
Collective Security or Intrigues, June 1939
Reversion to ‘Appeasement’?, July 1939
Progress or Slavery, August 1939
The September Crises 1938-1939, September 1939
Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany, October 1939
Closing Hitler’s Road to the East, November 1939

The Red Army, June 1941

From his Memoirs

Autobiography of Peter Petroff
Kentish Town BSP
German Ignominy, poem by Irma Petroff, 1918
Broken the strings On which I have played, poem by Irma Petroff, 1920