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Never let it be forgotten that “Labour with a white skin cannot emancipate itself where labour with a black skin is branded.” [Marx, Capital, Chapter 10, 1867]






Urges Negroes Fight Fascist Organization, Daily Worker [U.S.], April 19, 1928

Fire Traps are Negroes' Homes, Daily Worker [U.S.], May 31, 1928

American Capitalists Live in Luxury, Daily Worker [U.S.], September 5, 1928

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Police Terrorism of Negroes in Harlem, Daily Worker [U.S.], September 10, 1928

Negro Workers Should Join Workers Party, Daily Worker [U.S.], September 22, 1928


Labor Bureaucrats and Negro Worker, Daily Worker [U.S.], January 4, 1929

Negro Masses and Communism, Daily Worker [U.S.], April 17, 1929

Negro Workers and Soldiers Fight Against Imperial War, Daily Worker [U.S.], June 6, 1929

Ben Stolberg "Progressive" Misleader, Is Exposed, Daily Worker [U.S.], June 15, 1929

The Trade Unity Convention and the Negro Masses, Daily Worker [U.S.], August 27, 1929

Gastonia: Its Significance to Negro Labor, Daily Worker [U.S.], October 4, 1929

Africans Massacred by British Imperialists, The Negro Worker, Vol. 2, No. 5, December 1929


The Negro Liberation Movement and the International Conference

Life Among Negro Farmers in America, The Negro Worker, Vol. 3, No. 7, May 1, 1930

The Revolt in Haiti

Report to the Hamburg International Conference of Negro Workers and Resolution on the Economic Struggles and Tasks of Negro Workers, The Negro Worker, Vol. 3, Special Number, October 15, 1930

Report to the Fifth Congress of the R.I.L.U. on the Negro Movement in Africa, The Negro Worker,, Special Number, November 1, 1930

Speech to the Fifth Congress of the R.I.L.U.: Negro Delegation Supports the Five-Year Plan, The Negro Worker, Special Number, November 1, 1930


Imperialism in the West Indies, The International Negro Workers' Review, Vol. 1, No. 1, January 1931

American Imperialism Enslaves Liberia, The Communist, February 1931

U.S. Negro on Moscow Soviet, The Southern Worker, May 16, 1931

The Revolutionary Movement in Africa

Labour Imperialism and East Africa Labour Monthly, June 1931

The Agrarian Crisis in British West Africa Communist International, July 15, 1931

The Life and Struggles of Negro Toilers

Hands Off Liberia!, The Negro Worker, Vol. 1, Nos. 10-11, October-November 1931


How the Imperialists are "Civilizing" Africa, The Negro Worker, Vol. 2, No. 3, March 1932

War in the East, The Negro Worker, Vol. 2, No. 3, March 1932

Soviets for Peace – Capitalists for War, The Negro Worker, Vol. 2, No. 5, May 1932

“Left” Imperialism and the Negro Toilers, May 1932

What is Empire Day?

World Congress of Seamen, The Negro Worker, Vol. 2, No. 6, June 1932

How the Empire is Governed

An Open Letter to the I.L.D. (U.S.A.), The Negro Worker, Vol. 2, No. 7, July 1932

The World Today


Negro Liberation Struggle, Harlem Liberator, June 3, 1933


Ethiopia Today [from Nancy Cunard's Negro: An Anthology]


Pass Laws in South Africa [from Nancy Cunard's Negro: An Anthology]

How Britain Governs the Blacks [from Nancy Cunard's Negro: An Anthology]

White Man's Justice in Africa [from Nancy Cunard's Negro: An Anthology]

"Padmore – Theoretician of Neo-Garveyism", by Harry Haywood [from The Road to Negro Liberation, Haywood's Report to the Eighth Convention of the CPUSA, April 2-8, 1934]

George Padmore is Expelled by Communist International, Daily Worker [U.S.], April 25, 1934

The Expulsion of George Padmore from the Revolutionary Movement, The Negro Worker, Vol. 4, No. 2, June 1934

A Betrayer of the Negro Revolution Struggle, by Greenwood [B.D. Amis], International Press Correspondence, June 29, 1934

The Rise and Fall of George Padmore as a Revolutionary Fighter , by Helen Davis, The Negro Worker, Vol. 4, No. 4, August 1934

Padmore, Expelled Renegade, Is Exposed by Ford as Servant of Imperialist Slavers, by James W. Ford Daily Worker [U.S.], August 2, 1934

James Ford Answers Padmore's Charges, The Negro Liberator, August 4, 1934

Padmore Sups with Kings and Emperors, by James W. Ford, Daily Worker [U.S.], August 22, 1934

Ford Analyzes Padmore as Police Agent and Spy, by James W. Ford, The Negro Liberator, August 25, 1934

How Mr. Jones, Negro Editor, Proposes to 'Save' Liberia. Reveals Link Between Padmore, Renegade, and W.N. Jones, by Harry Haywood, Daily Worker [U.S.], August 31, 1934

U.S. Imperialism's Slave Rule Aided by Jones' Liberia Plan, by Harry Haywood, Daily Worker [U.S.], September 1, 1934

Jones, Padmore, Schuyler – Lackeys of U.S. Imperialism, by Harry Haywood, Daily Worker [U.S.], September 3, 1934

"Padmore Belly Crawls," Says Angelo Herndon, Negro Liberator [U.S.], September 8, 1934

Workers' Enemies Exposed, Daily Worker [U.S.], September 13, 1934


Reformists Main Enemy Within Ranks of Negro People

Ethiopia and World Politics, The Crisis, May 1935

The Missionary Racket in Africa, The Crisis, July 1935

World Politics and Ethiopia, by William L. Patterson, The Communist, August 1935

An Open Letter to Earl Browder, The Crisis, October 1935

Earl Browder Replies [to George Padmore], The Crisis, December 1935


Abyssinia – The Last of Free Africa May 1937

Abyssinia Betrayed by the League of Nations June 1937

Hitler, Mussolini and Africa September 1937

A New World War for Colonies October 1937


Hands Off the Colonies!, February 1938


Cocoa War on the Gold Coast, February 1938

Fascism in the Colonies, [also published in The Crisis under the title, "Fascism in the West Indies"] February 1938

An Outrageous Report, March 1938

Parliament Upset by West Indies , April 1938

Why Moors help Franco, May 1938

Hands off the Protectorates: Basutoland, Bechuanaland and Swaziland, (off site) 1938

White Workers and Black, May 1938

The Government’s Betrayal of the Protectorates, June 1938

White Labor Policy in South Africa, June 1938

Labour Unrest in Jamaica, July 1938

West Africans, Watch Your Land, September 1938

Labor Trouble in Jamaica, September 1938

Manifesto Against War, 25 September 1938

A Negro Looks at British Imperialism, December 1938


Franco-Italian Conflict Over Tunis, March 1939

Fascism Invades West Africa, October 1939

Police Swoop On Workers’ Leaders In Colonies, 20 October 1939

The Second World War and the Darker Races, November 1939

The British Empire Is Worst Racket Yet Invented By Man, 15 December 1939

The Negro Faces the War, Workers Age, 23 December 1939


Empire Gives Lie to British War Aims, Workers Age, 17 February 1940

Hands Off the Soviet Union, February 1940

Hands Off the Soviet Union! (abridged form of above), 24 February 1940

Black Colonials Call on British Masses to Revolt, 1 May 1940 (with Jomo Kenyatta, Chris Jones & Wal Daniels)

British Troops Kill 17 Rhodesia Strikers, Workers Age, 25 May 1940

Poverty, Disease Is Native’s Lot in West Indies, 17 June 1940

West Indies Need Independence – Not Big Reports, 24 June 1940

Who Are Reliable Allies in Fight Against Hitler?, Workers Age, 12 October 1940


British Imperialists Treat the Negro Masses Like Nazis Treat the Jews, 1941


Empire “Gauleiters” Greet Each Other, January 1941

West Indians Answer Anglo-U.S. Imperialism, 4 January 1941

A Typical British Colony, 1 February 1941

Hitler Makes British Drop Color Bar, March 1941

"Democracy" for the West Indies, June 1941

Whither the West Indies?, 21 July 1941

Britain’s Black Record, September 1941

The Socialist Attitude to the Invasion of the U.S.S.R., September 1941

Answers to a Questionnaire on the War, November 1941


Atlantic Charter Not Intended for Colonies, 24 January 1942

The Black Man's Burden in South Africa, March 1942

Crisis in the British Empire, July 1942

Race Relations: Soviet and British , November 1942


British Indirect Rule , April 1943

Industrialized Soviet Backs Red Army , June 1943

Blue-Print of Post-War Anglo-American Imperialism, October 1943


Imperialism: The Basis of Labour Party Crisis, June 1944

Chris Jones: Fighter for the Oppressed, September 1944

Anglo-American Plan for Control of Colonies, November 1944


A Political Review of the Colonies, February 1945

The Voice of Coloured Labour, World Trade Union Conference, 1945

World Conference Hears Voice of Black Labor, April 1945

British Labor and the Colonies, October 1945

The White Man's Duty (with Nancy Cunard) (2nd Edition), 1945


How Russia Transformed Her Colonial Empire, (with Dorothy Pizer) 1946

Trusteeship: The New Imperialism, October 1946

Review of the Paris Peace Conference, November 1946

The Story of Viet Nam, Politics, December 1946


The Communists and Viet Nam [Reply to Critics], Politics, March-April 1947

The Sudanese Want Independence , June 1947

Colonial and Coloured Unity, History of the Pan-African Congress, 1947

Madagascar Fights for Freedom, October 1947


The Vietnamese Struggle for Independence , March 1948

Facts Behind the Gold Coast Riots , July 1948


South African Race Riots , April 1949

Africa: Britain's Third Empire 1949


The Bataka Movement in Uganda January 1950


Bloodless Revolution in the Gold Coast March 1952


The Gold Coast Revolution 1953

Behind the Mau Mau 1953


George Padmore's Name Cleared Socialist Outlook, February 12, 1954

Kenya: The Facts Socialist Outlook, March 5, 1954

Gold Coast Revolution Nears Its Climax Socialist Outlook, April 23, 1954

British Parliamentary Delegation Reports on Kenya May 1954


A Review of the Gold Coast – Final Stage to Independence January 1955


Pan-Africanism or Communism? The Coming Struggle for Africa 1956

A Holiday Honoring "Satchmo" Armstrong June-July 1956

Significance of the PNM Victory in Trinidad November 1956


Democratic Advance in Sierra Leone March 1957

The Birth of a Nation [Ghana] April 1957

The Press Campaign against Ghana December 1957



George Padmore's Life by W.E.B. DuBois, National Guardian, October 12. 1959

George Padmore: Black Marxist Revolutionary – A Memoir by C.L.R. James (1976)

George Padmore: A Critique. Pan-Africanism or Marxism? by Paul Trewhela (1988)

The Death of Albert Nzula and the Silence of George Padmore by Paul Trewhela (1988)


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