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Scott Nearing Archive

Most of the PDF pamphlets and essays presented here were first downloaded from The Walden Woods Project.



Wages in the United States (review) 1911
Woman and Social Progress 1912
Masters and Slaves 1913
Parasitic Power of Property 1915
The Impending Conflict 1915
Persistent Prosperity 1916
Who Should Pay for the War? 1917
The Man and the Machine 1917
Where is America Going? around WW1, no date given
The American Empire 1921 [off-site link]
Oil and the Germs of War 1923
Black America 1929
One Way Out 1932
The A B C of Communism 1934
The Rise and Decline of Christian Civilization After 1939
A Humanist Approach to Economics 1943
Teaching is My Job 1944
Victory Without Peace 1945
War and Peace 1945
The New Age — Will it be Dark or Golden? 1946 or later
The Faith that Removes the Mountains 1946
A Call To Action 1947 approx date
As Others See Us 1947 approx date
What the U.S.A. Could do for the World 1948
The Present World Situation and What We Can Do About It 1948
Why I Believe in Socialism 1949
The American Way of Life 1949
Actions for Peace 1950
The New World Order 1950
Promoting the General Welfare 1955
To Promote the General Welfare 1956
A Memorandum For Right Living 1974

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