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Willi Münzenberg

1887 – 1940




November 1921: Is it possible to aid the starving Russians through worker’s contribution?

December 1921: From Famine Relief to Aid for Soviet Russia

December 1921: Recent Progress in Proletarian Relief for Starving Russia

January 1922: Famine Relief – Economic Relief

January 1922: Genoa and the Proletarian Relief Campaign

January 1922: Soviet Russia’s Relief for Its Starving

February 1922: Relief for Russia – To the Workers of the World! (with others)

May 1922: 500,000,000 Marks Collected by Foreign Committee for the Famine Stricken in Russia

June 1922: Two Important International Congresses in Berlin

August 1922: The Proletariat Continues Its Support of Starving Russia

October 1922: The International Relief Action of the World Proletariat, 1922

December 1922: Report on Workers’ Relief (at the Fourth Congress of the Comintern)

January 1923: Reception of the First Workers’ Loan

January 1923: Question of a United Front

June 1923: Retrospect and Prospect

November 1923: The International Workers’ Relief and the Relief Action in Aid of Japan

November 1923: The International Proletariat Hastens to the Aid of the German Working Class

August 1927: Sacco and Vanzetti Murdered!


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