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V.M.  Molotov

V. M. Molotov


Short Biography.

A Biographical Sketch of V. M. Molotov, W P Coates and Z K Coates 1941.

Molotov Remembers: Inside Kremlin Politics, excerpts


1938: Speech at the Session of the Supreme Council of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

1938: A Conversation Between Cdes. Stalin, Molotov, and Voroshilov and the Governor of Xinjiang, Sheng Shicai

1939: The Meaning of the Soviet-German Non-Aggression Pact

1939-40: Speeches on Soviet Peace Policy

Speech Delivered on 31 August 1939
Speech Delivered on 31 October 1939
Speech Delivered on 29 March 1940
Speech Delivered on 1 August 1940

1941: Radio Adress (announcement of German invasion of USSR)

1948: 31st Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution