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Arthur MacManus





1927: Condolences on the Death of Arthur MacManus, J. T. Murphy
1927: Arthur McManus, J. T. Murphy


1916: What Conscription Really Means
1916: On the Clyde: A Study in Solidarity

1918: Fourteen Points
1918: The League of Peoples
1918: A Call

1920: Invitation to the Unity Convention (Written with Albert Inkpin)
1920: The Threatened War Against Russia (Written with Albert Inkpin)
1920: Towards the Revolution: Our Policy
1920: The Communist Party and Communist Unity (Written with Albert Inkpin)
1920: Miners! Down Tools!!
1920: Stand by the Miners!
1920: The Third Anniversary
1920: The Spectre at the Feast!

1921: The Vendetta

1923: To the Memory of Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg: Moscow’s Tribute

1924: James Connolly: His Life and Work, Review of Desmond Ryan’s Jas. Connolly

1925: Zinoviev on Trade Union Unity
1925: International Trade Union Unity
1925: Trotsky on Lenin, Review of Trotsky’s Lenin


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      1920: Impresion of the Communist Unity Convention