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Claude McKay



April 1919: The Dominant White

July 1919: Sonnets and Songs

If We Must Die

August 1919: Negro Poems

September 1919: To the White Fiends

February 1920: To Ethiopia

February 1920: Home Thoughts

March 1920: My Mother

May 1920: The Tropics in New York

March 1921: The Easter Flower

June 1921: How Black Sees Green and Red

July 1921: Enslaved

August 1921: Poems

August 1921: A Black Star

October 1921: Baptism / The White City

December 1921: Four Sonnets

December 1921: A Negro Extravaganza

January 1922: The American Type

January 1922: La Paloma in London / Futility

February 1922: The Little Lincoln

March 1922: What is Lacking in the Theatre

March 1922: Absence / On the Road

April 1922: Garvey as a Negro Moses

April 1922: French Leave

May 1922: Spring Sonnets

May 1922: He Who Gets Slapped

June 1922: Alone

July 1922: The New Forces

August 1922: Birthright

November 1922: The Racial Issue in the USA

December 1922: Report on the Negro Question

December 1922: Letter to General Secretary of the ECCI Vasil Kolarov

August 1923: Petrograd: May Day, 1923

December 1923: Soviet Russia and the Negro

September 1938: Negro Author Sees Disaster if CP Gains Control of Colored Workers


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