Frederick Engels (1873-1886)

Dialectics of Nature

First Published: in Russian and German in the USSR in 1925,
except for Part Played by Labour, 1896 and Natural Science and the Spirit World, 1898;
Transcribed: by Sally Ryan and 1998/2001;
Notes and Fragments transcribed by Andy Blunden 2006.

Table of Contents

 Preface, by J. B. S. Haldane 1939

Articles and Chapters

 Basic Form of Motion
 The Measure of Motion - Work
Tidal Friction, Kant and Thomson - Tait on the Rotation of the Earth and Lunar Attraction
The Part Played by Labour in the Transition from Ape to Man, 1876
Natural Science and the Spirit World, 1878


      From the History of Science
      Natural Science and Philosophy
      Forms of Motion of Matter, Classification of the Sciences
      Mechanics and Astronomy


Titles and Contents of Folders
Plans and Outlines
Notes to Anti-Dühring: From the History of Science (some duplication with notes above)
Notes to Anti-Dühring: Fragment: Historical (some duplication with notes above)
Index to the Contents of the Folders
Chronological List of Chapters and Fragments