Marx-Engels Correspondence 1868

Engels To Marx
In London

Source: MECW Volume 42, p. 511;
First published: in Der Briefwechsel zwischen F. Engels und K. Marx, Stuttgart, 1913.

Manchester, 7 January 1868

Dear Moor,

Herewith returned the Dühring [review of Capital by Dühring] and the Beobachter [review of Capital by Engels]. The former is highly amusing. The whole article is embarrassment and funk. You can see that the worthy vulgar economist is frappé au vif and can find nothing to say except that it will only be possible to judge the first volume when the 3rd has come out, that determination of value by labour time is not undisputed, and that there are people who have some modest doubts about the determination of the value of labour on the basis of its costs of production. You see that for this genus you are by no means learned enough, for you have not confuted the great Macleod on the decisive point. At the same time, there is the fear in every line that he may be exposed to a treatment à la Roscher. The fellow was happy when he had finished the thing, but I am sure he carried it to the post with a heavy heart.

Kugelmann and Wilhelmchen I shall return tomorrow. If there is anything in the copied letter from Lieutenant-Colonel Seubert which could be useful to me for a further Swabian article please enclose it.

I could do something for Vienna too. Richter could perhaps be asked about the Internationale Revue, he is supposed to know the situation there.

Wilhelmchen’s paper is just too lovely — everything ready except the security bond, and so it cannot be published. Incidentally, if Wilhelm should go to Vienna then the fuss about the Austrian agent would really get going.

How are things with Beesly, Lewes & Co. and the Fortnightly Review?

Best greetings to the ladies and the Doctor amorosus.

F. E.