marx in 1867

Speech by Marx to the
First International Working Men's Association, June 1865

Value, Price and Profit

Source: Marx, Karl. Value, Price and Profit. New York: International Co., Inc, 1969;
Written: between end of May and June 27, 1865;
First published: 1898;
Edited: by Eleanor Marx Aveling;
HTML Mark-up: Mike Ballard, 1995;
Proofed: and corrected by Brandon Poole, 2009.


    Preface by Edward Aveling

 1. Production and Wages
 2. Production, Wages, Profits
 3. Wages and Currency
 4. Supply and Demand
 5. Wages and Prices
 6. Value and Labour
 7. Labour Power
 8. Production of Surplus Value
 9. Value of Labour
10. Profit is made by Selling a Commodity at its Value
11. The different Parts into which Surplus Value is Decomposed
12. The General Relation of Profits, Wages, and Prices
13. Main cases of Attempts at Raising Wages or Resisting their Fall
14. The Struggle between Capital and Labour, and its Results