Marx-Engels Correspondence 1865

Marx To Hermann Jung
In London

Source: MECW Volume 42, p. 200;
First published: in Marx and Engels, Works, Moscow, 1934.
Passages enclosed between asterisks are reproduced from the English original, the remaining text is translated from French.

[London,] 20 November 1865

*My dear Jung,

The following are the questions:

I. Questions relating to the Association

1) Questions relating to its organisation.*

2) The establishment of friendly societies for the members of the Association. — Moral and material support to be given to the Association’s orphans.

II. * Social Questions*

1) Co-operative labour.

2) Reduction of the hours of labour.

3) Female and children’s labour.

4) * Trades Unions.* Their past, their present, and their future.

5) Combination of efforts, by means of the International Association, in the struggle between capital and labour.

6) International Credit foundation of international credit institutions, their form and their mode of operation.

7) Direct and Indirect Taxation.

8) Standing armies and their effects upon production.

III. *International Politics*

The need to eliminate Muscovite influence in Europe by applying the right of self-determination of nations, and the re-establishment of Poland upon a democratic and social basis.

IV. A Question of Philosophy

The religious idea and its relation to social, political, and intellectual development.

*The other resolutions as to the Congress etc. you find in the number of The Workman’s Advocate which contains the report on the three days’ sittings of the Conference .

Don’t forget to ask for an official report on Vésinier.

Send me the address of Kaub which I have mislaid.

Yours fraternally*

K. Marx