Marx-Engels Correspondence 1856

Marx To Jenny Marx
In Trier

Source: MECW Volume 40, p. 66;
First published: in Annali, an. 1, Milano, 1958.

[London,] 8 August 1856, 28 Dean Street, Soho

My one and only Sweetheart,

This morning, at the same time as your letter, I received a note from Frederic containing 15 talers for Lenchen. Acknowledge it, as he is most meticulous in such matters. More tomorrow; today I have the ‘Immortal Collet’, here in the room with me and am keeping him in check by saying *‘I am obliged to write some lines to Mrs Marx’*.

Lily-white, sandy is settled in reality, not in fancy.

Much though I hanker after you and the children — and this quite indescribably — I should like you to stay on in Trier for another week. It would do you and the children no end of good. More tomorrow.

K. M.

P.S. The Urquhartites are being damned importunate. A good thing financially. But I don’t know whether, politically, I ought to get too involved with the fellows. A thousand kisses, my beloved sweetheart.

P.S.II. Lina as got the famous post. Won’t be taking it up for weeks yet.

It’s ghastly for me, having to play the man of fashion chez Liebknecht now. Hang it! On top of that, I have Pieper sleeping with me in your stead. Horrible. In the same room, at any rate. Engels is coming next week. That’s a relief. For 3 weeks I've been as hypochondriacal as the devil.