Marx-Engels Correspondence 1855

Marx To Engels
In Manchester

Source: MECW Volume 39, p. 536;
First published: in Der Wechsel zwischen F. Engels, und K. Marx, 1913.

[London,] 18 May 1855, 28 Dean Street, Soho

Dear Engels,

My wife has been confined to bed since yesterday evening. As I cannot draw a bill before a week on Tuesday (next), I should be much obliged if you could send me some money (however little).

The devil take the Tribune! Certainly it is now absolutely essential that it should adopt an anti-pan-Slav line. If it doesn’t, one might be compelled to break with the rag, which would be disastrous.

As you will have seen in an earlier no. of the Augsburg Allgemeine, as from next August, the great Herzen will be bringing out a Russian periodical here, the Polar Star.

My warm regards to Lupus.

K. M.