Marx-Engels Correspondence 1855

Marx To Engels
In Manchester

Source: MECW Volume 39, p. 533;
First published: in Der Wechsel zwischen F. Engels, und K. Marx, 1913.

[London,] 12 April 1855, 28 Dean Street, Soho

Dear Engels,

I am thinking of coming up to Manchester with my wife on Wednesday; she must have a change of scene for a few days. Unless I let you know to the contrary, Wednesday will be the day. I shall at any rate be writing again on Monday.

Needless to say, the house has been very desolate and bereft since the death of the dear child who was its life and soul. I cannot tell you how we miss the child at every turn. I've already had my share of bad luck but only now do I know what real unhappiness is. I feel broken down. Since the funeral I have been fortunate enough to have such splitting headaches that I can neither think nor hear nor see.

Amid all the fearful torments I have recently had to endure, the thought of you and your friendship has always sustained me, as has the hope that there is still something sensible for us to do together in the world.

K. M.

My wife has just brought me a line or two for you, which I enclose.