Marx-Engels Correspondence 1855

Marx To Engels
In Manchester

Source: MECW Volume 39, p. 530;
First published: in Der Wechsel zwischen F. Engels, und K. Marx, 1913.

[London,] 6 April 1855, 28 Dean Street, Soho

Dear Engels,

Poor Musch is no more. Between 5 and 6 o'clock today he fell asleep (in the literal sense) in my arms. I shall never forget how much your friendship has helped to make this ghastly time easier for us. You will understand how I grieve over the child. My wife sends her warmest regards. I might, if I come to Manchester, bring her with me for a week, in which case we should, of course, stay at an inn (or perhaps take private lodgings). At any rate I must find some means of helping her over the first days.

K. M.