Letters of Marx and Engels 1848

Marx To Engels
In Berne

Source: MECW Volume 38, p. 181;
Written: 29 November 1848;
First published: abridged in Der Briefwechsel zwischen F. Engels und K. Marx, 1913 and in full in MEGA, 1929

Cologne, 29 November 1848

Dear Engels,

The papers have been sent to you. If this was not done sooner the fault lies with that jackass Korff who, because I was overworked, a circumstance aggravated by repeated summonses, has so far failed to carry out my orders.

In the meantime remain in Berne. I shall write to you as soon as you can come. Seal your letters better. One of them had been opened, as I indicated in the paper, without, of course, mentioning your name. [Marx, ‘Letters Opened']

Write in detail about Proudhon and, since your geography is good, about the dirty business in Hungary (nations swarming like bees). [Engels, Proudhon and The Magyar Struggle] Don’t forget me [i.e., The Poverty of Philosophy] in the piece on Proudhon, since our articles are reprinted by a great many French newspapers.

Write something, too, attacking the Federal Republic, to which end Switzerland provides the best opportunity. [Engels, The National Council]

K. Heinzen has published his old trashy piece attacking us. [K. Heinzen, Die Helden des teutschen Kommunismus, 1848]

Our paper continues to stand by the principle of émeute [uprising], but despite all my summonses in court, it has succeeded in sailing clear of the Code pénal.[241] It is now very much en vogue. We are also issuing posters daily. [242] La révolution marche. Write diligently.

I have devised an infallible plan for extracting money from your old man, as we now have none. Write me a begging letter (as crude as possible), in which you retail your past vicissitudes, but in such a way that I can pass it on to your mother. The old man’s beginning to get the wind up.

I hope to see you again soon.