Letters of Marx and Engels 1844

Marx To Julius Campe
In Hamburg Paris

Source: MECW Volume 38, p. 7;
Written: 7 October 1844;
First published: in part in Das Goldene Tor, 1947;
Transcribed: by Andy Blunden for marxists.org 1999.

7 October 1844, rue Vanneau 38

Messrs Hoffmann and Campe, Booksellers, in Hamburg Julius Campe, Esq.

Dear Sir, Engels and I have written a pamphlet of some ten sheets against Bruno Bauer and his supporters [The Holy Family].

It deals with themes from philosophy, history and idealism, contains a critique of the Mystères de Paris [novel by Eugène Sue] etc., and will not be without interest for Germany. Nor, by and large, will it be objectionable to the censors.

Should you wish to undertake its publication, I would request you to reply forthwith, since the pamphlet cannot but lose in interest if printing is delayed.[6] If Heine is still in Hamburg, would you be so kind as to convey to him my best thanks for the poems he sent. I have not yet had any real opportunity of doing anything about the first part, the ballads, as I wish to advertise the first part yet at the same time. [7]

Yours faithfully
Dr Marx