Letters of Marx and Engels 1844

Marx To Heinrich Börnstein
In Paris

Source: MECW Volume 38, p. 8;
Written: autumn 1844;
First published: in Der Kampf, Jg. XXI, H. 10, Wien, 1928;
Transcribed: by Andy Blunden for marxists.org 1999.

Dear Sir,

You would greatly oblige me if you would ascertain by Tuesday at the latest whether or not Frank is willing to undertake publication of the pamphlet against Bauer [The Holy Family].

It is of complete indifference to me which way he decides. I can find a foreign publisher any day. Only, in the case of this particular pamphlet, in which every word counts, it would be pleasant to have it printed under my own supervision and to be able to correct it personally.

At any rate I beg you to reply speedily.

Ready to reciprocate,
Yours faithfully
Dr Marx

P.S. Since the pamphlet is directed against Bauer and on the whole contains little to which the censor could object, I should hardly suppose that distribution in Germany would present any great difficulty.