Letters of Jenny Marx

Jenny Marx to Frederick Engels
In Manchester

Source: Marx Engels Collected Works Vol 38, pg 563;
Publisher: International Publishers (1975);
Translated: Peter and Betty Ross;
Transcribed: S. Ryan;
HTML Markup: S. Ryan.

[London, 17 December 1851]

Dear Mr Engels,

Hardly hall I posted my letter to you (yours not having arrived until four o'clock in the afternoon) when Moor returned from the Museum and began 'burning his fingers' over the French stuff. Now he asks me to send you at once this second epistle to tell you that, as he would not be able to Post his article until late on Thursday evening, he proposes to send it off from here, and that, supposing you were in fact to leave on Friday, everything would cross. If you can send your article here by Friday, it could travel in company with the rest; but you might consider it preferable to send yours off from Liverpool. So comme il vous plaira. How do you like my husband creating a stir with your article throughout western, eastern and southern America—and mutilated at that, and what's more under another name? For the rest the whole article is nothing but a source of mystification.

Should you have the English version of the Manifesto to hand, please bring it with you. Colonel Musch writes three letters a day to Frederick in Manchester, sticking used stamps thereon with the utmost conscientiousness. The whole tribe sends its love. Until Saturday, then.


Jenny Marx