Letters of Jenny Marx

Jenny Marx to Frederick Engels
In Manchester

Source: Marx Engels Collected Works Vol 38, pg 562;
Publisher: International Publishers (1975);
First Published: Marx and Engels, Works, Second Russian edition, Vol 27, Moscow, 1962;
Translated: Peter and Betty Ross;
Transcribed: S. Ryan;
HTML Markup: S. Ryan;

London, 17 December 1851

Dear Mr Engels,

Moor has just asked me to send you in great haste a few words in reply to Weydemeyer's letter, just received. He will himself let you have an article on the French misère by Friday and wonders whether you might not be able to dispatch to America a humorous essay on the German nonsense, notably the hearing of Prussia by Austria, etc. I am also, on the orders of the powers that be, sending Freiligrath a reminder. We all look forward very much to seeing you here soon. Colonel Musch and the young ladies, his sisters, send you their warm regards as does your

Jenny Marx