Letters of Jenny Marx

Jenny Marx to Frederick Engels
In Manchester

Source: Marx Engels Collected Works Vol 38, pg 561;
Publisher: International Publishers (1975);
First Published: MEGA Abt III, Bd I, 1929;
Translated: Peter and Betty Ross;
Transcribed: S. Ryan;
HTML Markup: S. Ryan.

[London, 11] January 1851

Dear Mr Engels,

On my husband's request I am sending you herewith a letter for Weerth. You had agreed to forward it along with your own. Red Wolff has made a new pair of shoes by machine, citizen Liebknecht grows daily more earnest and virtuous, Schramm is down in the dumps and no one has seen anything of him. The children send their love to Engels, and my husband is at the library whiling away his time.

With my warm regards,

Jenny Marx