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Ernest Mandel

Ernest Mandel as a young man

1923 – 1995

“The working class’s periodic upsurges into direct action create at the same time the conditions for resolving the crisis of the subjective factor, on condition that revolutionaries have been active in the movement for long enough, effectively enough and on a sufficiently wide enough scale. They must simultaneously aim to build new national revolutionary parties and a new International.” – The Reasons for Founding the Fourth International


The Life and Struggles of Ernest Mandel, by Barry Weisleder (September 1995)

Contradictory states, by John Molyneux (September 1995)

Ernest Mandel: A Passionate Optimistic Marxist, by Anwar Shaikh (November 1995)

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December 1945

Belgian Regime Bankrupt Official Figures Show


Sectarianism and the Democratic Demands

22 February 1946

Belgian Stalinists and “Socialists” Block Election Victory of Workers

April 1946

Problems of the European Revolution

April–August 1946

Where Is the Soviet Union Going? (series)

1 April 1946

New Belgian Government Shaky

24 April 1946

Belgian Workers Face Wage Freeze

1 July 1946

Jewish Question Since World War II

1 July 1946

An Open Letter to the Editor of New International

5 July 1946

On the Opportunist Utilization of Democratic Slogans

Aug. 1946

The First Phase of the European Revolution

10 Aug. 1946

Labor Under the Kremlin Regime

15 Nov. 1946

The Conflict in Poland

1 January 1947

Draft Theses on the Jewish Question Today

1 January 1947

Shachtman Supports Adherence of Trieste to Italy

15 March 1947

Second Year of the Crisis in the Soviet Union

10 April 1947

Stalinism: How to Understand It and How to Fight It

June 1947

A. Leon (October 22, 1918–September, 1944)

July 1947

Leon Trotsky: The Man and His Work

Nov. 1947

From the ABC to Current Reading: Boom, Revival or Crisis?

5 July 1948

The Tito Affair and Stalinism

Aug. 1948

The True Testament of Trotsky

15 Sept. 1948

Marxism and Democracy

22 Sept. 1948

France Heads Toward a Decision

28 Sept. 1948

France Heads Toward a Decision (abridged by Joseph Hansen)

January 1949

Economic Trends in Eastern Europe

March 1949

Where Is Eastern Europe Going?

20 Sept. 1949

Purge of Soviet Culture

15 Dec. 1949

A New Stage of Struggle in Italy

1 May 1950

The Third Chinese Revolution: I. Origin and Significance of the Victory of Mao Tse-tung

10 Dec. 1950

The Third Chinese Revolution: II. Nature and Perspectives of the China of Mao Tse-Tung

April 1951

The Question of Stalinism? (Ten Theses)

10 June 1951

The Theory of “State Capitalism”

18 July 1951

First Balance Sheet of the Yugoslav Affair

July 1952

Eastern Europe Since 1950

Nov. 1952

Economic Problems of Transition Epoch: The Soviet Bureaucracy in the Mirror of Stalin’s Latest Work

Nov. 1953

Letter from Ernest Mandel to George Breitman

Nov. 1953

The Rise and Decline of Stalinism

Dec. 1953

Letter from Ernest Mandel to George Breitman

Aug. 1955

The Marxist Theory of Imperialism and its Critics

Oct. 1957

Prospects and Dynamics of the Political Revolution against the Bureaucracy

March 1958

The New Reform in Soviet Agriculture

Spring 1958

Sociology of the American Owning Class (book review)

Autumn 1958

The New Programme of the Jugoslav Communists

October 1958

The Industrialization of Backward Countries

January 1959

The USSR from the XXth to the XXIst Congress of the CPSU

Spring 1959

The XXIst Congress of the CP of the Soviet Union

Autumn 1959

The Colonial Revolution and the National Bourgeoisie (The Latin American Stalinists in the Footsteps of the Mensheviks)

Autumn 1959

A Liberal at a Loss in the XXth Century

December 1959

Marxism As Seen By Bourgeois Economists


The marginalist theory of value and neo-classical political economy (extract from Marxist Economic Theory)


30 Questions and Answers on the History of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (pamphlet)


The Law of Value in Relation to Self-Management and Investment in the Economy of the Workers’ States

Feb. 1963

Crisis in the Common Market

Nov. 1963

An Answer to the Chinese Communist Leaders’ Defense of Stalin


After Imperialism?


The Economics of Neo-Capitalism


On The Pablo Tendency

Summer 1964

Defend the Cuban Revolution

Fall 1964

Peoples Frontism in Ceylon: From Wavering to Capitulation

October 1964

A Right-Wing Tendency


A Socialist Strategy for Western Europe

March 1965

Soviet Management Reform

March 1966

The 23rd Congress of the CPSU

Spring 1966

Reply to John McCormick on Soviet Management Reform

July 1966

De Gaulle’s Trip To Moscow

Sept. 1966

Defend Peace by Defending Vietnam and China

October 1966

Surplus Capital and Realization of Surplus Value (extended book review)

October 1966



An Introduction to Marxist Economic Theory (book)

January 1967

International Capitalism and “Supra-Nationality”

March 1967

The Labor Theory of Value and Monopoly Capitalism

April 1967

Yugoslav Economic Theory

May 1967

The Lessons Of Greece

October 1967

The OLAS Conference and the “Principles” of Paul-Henri Spaak


The Centenary of Marx’s Capital


Economics of the Transition Period


Workers Under Neo-capitalism

January 1968

The Dollar Crisis

January 1968

The Kremlin Finally Considers the Counterrevolution in Indonesia

April 1968

Anibal Escalante, Mike Banda and Whitewash for the Kremlin

April 1968

The Dollar Crisis

April 1968

The Belgian Elections

20 July 1968

The Lessons of May 1968

10 Aug. 1968

Brief Analysis of Czech Crisis

21 Sept. 1968

The Revolutionary Student Movement – Theory and Practice (pamphlet)

Nov. 1968

On Workers’ Democracy

Nov. 1968

The rationale of the Czech tragedy

Dec. 1968

Revolutionary Upsurge in Europe

15 Dec. 1968

The Crisis of the International Monetary System


Debate with Martin Nicolaus on US Imperialism:


The New Vanguard


The Social, Economic and Political Background of the Czechoslovak Crisis


Why the Fourth International

Dec. 1968/January 1969

The Debate on Workers’ Control

1 June 1969

First Anniversary Statement to Black Dwarf

1 June 1969

The Inconsistencies of “State-Capitalism”

October 1969

Marxist Theory of the State (pamphlet)


The Causes of Alienation


The Economic Roots of American Imperialism


Intellectuals and the Third World


The Leninist Theory of Organisation (pamphlet)


Revolutionary Strategy in the Imperialist Countries


World Revolution Today – Trotskyism or Stalinism?

January 1970

Althusser corrects Marx

April 1970

Lenin’s Heritage

June 1970

The Changing Role of the Bourgeois University

Aug. 1970

The Mystifications of State Capitalism

Nov. 1970

The Strategic Orientation of the Revolutionists in Latin America (with Martine Knoeller)


Imperialism and National Bourgeoisie in Latin America


Rosa Luxemburg and German Social Democracy


Trotsky in Exile

April 1971

The Leninist Theory of Organization

November 1971

The dialectic of growth


Late Capitalism (book – extract)

June 1972

The Soviet Economy Today – Towards Capitalism or Socialism?

September 1972

The Driving Forces of Imperialism

October 1972

Letter to the PRT (Combatiente) (signed by Ernest, Livio, Pierre, Sandor, Tariq & Delphin)

November 1972

On the dialectic of nation and class struggle


Ten Theses on the Social and Economic Laws Governing the Society Transitional Between Capitalism and Socialism

January 1973

In Defence of Leninism: In Defence of the Fourth International

Spring 1973

Value, Surplus Value, Profit, Prices of Production and Surplus Capital – A Reply to Geoff Hodgson

Spring 1973

Workers’ Control and Workers’ Councils

Feb. 1973

Some Fundamental Differences Between the PRT and the International Majority (signed by Ernest, Livio, Pierre, Sandor, Tariq & Delphin)

Sept. 1973

The Beginning of a Revision of Marxism


Why They Invaded Czechoslovakia

May 1974

The Gulag Archipelago: Solzhenitsyn’s Assault on Stalinism and the October Revolution

May 1974

Woe to Revolutionists Who Make a Revolution Only Half Way

June 1974

EEC: The Common Market in Crisis

Summer 1974

Morrow on Spain

Summer 1974

Self-Management – Dangers and Possibilities

Autumn 1974

Some comments on H. Ticktin’s Towards a Political Economy of the USSR

October 1974

Petrodollars: An Arab and Iranian finance capital emerges

December 1974

The Generalized Recession of the International Capitalist Economy


Liebman and Leninism

June 1975

The Recession and the Prospects for the International Capitalist Economy

20 July 1975

The Imperialist Defeat in Vietnam

December  1975

International Capitalist Economy – Waiting for the Upturn


Revolutionary Strategy in Europe


Trotskyists and the Resistance in World War Two

February  1976

The Common Market – at a snail's pace

June 1976

On the Current Stage of World Revolution

June 1976

Society Is Polluted Too (interview by Carl Gardner & Mandy Merck)

July 1976

East Berlin Conference: New Stage in the Crisis of Stalinism

November 1976

A Hesitant, Uneven, and Inflationary Upturn: The International Capitalist Economy

Jan. 1977

Speech at London Rally to Condemn Healyite Frame-up Campaign

20 Sept. 1977

East German Communist Denounces Bureaucracy


Why The Soviet Bureaucracy is not a New Ruling Class

June 1979

First Comments on Nahuel Moreno’s The Revolutionary Dictatorship of the Proletariat


Historical Materialism and the Capitalist State

October 1980

Making the Classless Society (letter)

January 1981

China – The Economic Crisis

Spring 1981

The Laws of Motion of the Soviet Economy


Mandel on Althusser, Party and Class


The Role of the Proletariat


World Monetary Crisis

January 1982

The Debate Over the Character and Goals of the Russian Revolution

January 1982

Marx and the Crisis

January 1982

Post Scriptum to China – The Economic Crisis

January 1982

The Roots of the Polish Economic Crisis

June 1982

What prospects for a solution to the economic crisis

December 1982

In Defense of Permanent Revolution, A Reply to Doug Jenness


Emancipation, science and politics in Karl Marx

March 1983

Vanguard Parties

2 April 1983

Social Democracy and Social Movements

December 1983

What Road for Antimissiles Movement?

19 April 1984

Pierre Frank is Dead (obituary)

April 1984

On the Workers and Peasants Government


The Actuality of Socialism


Dictatorship of the Proletariat and Socialist Democracy


Marx, the Present Crisis and the Future of Labour

March 1985

“The US doesn’t control the historical process”


The Place of Marxism in History (book)

24 Feb. 1986

Anatomy of a Split: Why the Australian SWP left the Fourth International

7 June 1986

A Tribute to George Breitman (obituary)

Sept. 1986

In Defence of Socialist Planning

April 1987

Bureaucracy and Commodity Production


Message to Nahuel Moreno Funeral Ceremony

March 1988

The causes and consequences of Bukharin’s rehabilitation

Summer 1988

The Reasons for Founding the Fourth International

April 1989

Three-Phase Stalinism

11 July 1989

For the Beijing Commune – For the Political Revolution in China

Nov. 1989

Making Revolution: The Rebirth of East German Socialism

Nov. 1989

Trotsky’s conception of self-organisation and the vanguard party

Dec. 1989

Fifteen Years of Inprecor


How To Make No Sense of Marx


The Luck of a Crazy Youth (interview with Tariq Ali)


Mandel on Broué: Understanding Trotsky


The Marxist Case for Revolution Today


A theory which has not withstood the test of facts




Karl Marx


The Trotskyite View of Soviet Reforms


Trotsky’s Economic Ideas and the Soviet Union Today

25 May 1990

Ernest Mandel and Gregor Gysi Debate in East Berlin!

15 July 1990

A Mild Case of Blind Factionalism


The Roots of the Present Crisis in the Soviet Economy

January 1991

Ernest Mandel in Moscow

February 1991

Economic Consequences of the War

May 1991

Socialism and Individual Rights

July 1992

Socialism and the future


“Don’t push porridge down throats!”


The Irresistible Fall of Mikhail Gorbachev


Why Keynes Isn’t the Answer


Willy Brandt and Petra Kelly

Feb. 1993

Socialism or neo-liberalism?

October 1993

The Nature of Social-Democratic Reformism

November 1994

The Struggle for World Socialist Revolution

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