Rosa Luxemburg

The Industrial Development of Poland


First Published: 1898, under the title Die Industrielle Entwicklung Polens in Leipzig.
Source: 1977 by Campaigner Publications, of New York
Translated: (from the German) Tessa DeCarlo [Translator’s Note] Updated by Tessa DeCarlo in 2004 for the Marxists Internet Archive.
Transcription/Markup: Ted Crawford/Brian Baggins
Copyright: Campaigner Publishers 1977; published with permission from Campaigner Publishers.

Part 1: The History and Present State of Polish Industry
1.1 The Manufacturing Period, 1820-1850
1.2 The Transition to Large-Scale Industry, 1850-1870
1.3 The Period of Large-Scale Industry in Poland
1.4 Poland’s Main Industrial Districts
1.5 Poland’s Industrial Market
Part 2: Russia’s Economic Policy in Poland
2.1 The History of the Struggle Between Lodz and Moscow
2.2 Conditions of Industrial Production in Poland and in Russia
2.3 The Economic Ties Between Poland and Russia
2.4 Russia’s Political Interests in Poland
2.5 Russia’s Economic Interests in the Orient

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