A. Lozovsky

The World’s Trade Union Movement

Pamphlet issued by the Trade Union Educational League, 1924

Written: 1924
Source: TUEL Labor Herald Library pamphlet, No. 10
Translation: M.A. Skromny
Transcription\HTML Markup: Brian Reid
Proofreader: Chris Clayton
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Superstition and ignorance is protected by the privileged classes who live on the labor of others. Modern Science and revolutionary ideas are welcomed by the workers who keep society alive.


Introduction, Earl Browder

1. The World’s Trade Union Movement Before and After the War

2. The World’s Trade Union Movement At the End of the War

3. The International Federation of Trade Unions (The Amsterdam International)

4. The Amsterdam International in Theory and in Practice

5. The Red International of Labor Unions (The Profintern)

6. The Red International and the Process of Clarification

7. Policies and Tactics of the Profintern

8. The Relation of Forces of the Reformist and Revolutionary Trade Union Movements and their Perspectives