A. Lozovsky

To the Workers of Esthonia!

(30 May 1922)

From International Press Correspondence, Vol. 2 No. 43, 30 May 1922, p. 326.
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The so-called democratic government of Esthonia, once more reveals itself in its true light as a power of the reactionary peasants, barons and property owners as well as insolent White Guardist speculators.

As an offering to these White Guardist speculators on the 1st of May it determined on the destruction of the workers’ organizations – including among these the trade unions – the confiscation of the workers’ press and wholesale arrests of the most active and foremost fighters for the working-class, including the workers' representatives in Parliament. The acme, however, of its shameful acts was the torturing and shooting of the esteemed and devoted leader of the Esthonian working-class, Comrade Victor Kingisepp after a quasi-court martial verdict. This brutal act was accomplished by some members of the government who with their adherents were preserved by the same Comrade Kingisepp from being lynched by the populace at the time of the breaking up of the Sejm (towards the end of 1917).

By the declaration of protest and sympathetic strikes you have already given fitting answer to this shameful and cowardly murder. May the bourgeoisie know and feel that the murdering and torturing of men is not calculated to kill the idea of emancipation of the working class from the yoke of capital. Be assured therefore that the entire sympathy and support of the revolutionary proletariat of the whole world is behind you.

Let us reply to the White Terror of the Esthonian Government by closing the proletarian ranks along the line of the united front still more firmly. As an answer, let us work even more energetically for the creation and strengthening of the organization of the united front of the trade unions. We reply with the inflexible revolutionary struggle until complete victory! Only upon the ruins of the capitalist citadel can we think of resting from the fight!

The Executive Bureau of the Red Trade Union International


A. Lozovsky, General Secretary

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