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Jack London

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January 12, 1876 - November 22, 1916


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Revolution (An anthology of essays and short stories)

Wanted; A New Law of Development (Essay— 1902)

How I Became a Socialist (Essay— March 1903)

The Scab (Speech, April 1903)

Contradictory Teachers (Review— 1903)

The People of the Abyss (Novel—1903)

The Call of the Wild (Novel—1903)

Seawolf (Novel of adventure—1904)

The Long Day (Review—1905)

The Apostate: A Story of Child Labor (Short story—1906)

The Iron Heel (Novel of alternative history—1908)

The Enemy of All the World (Short story—1908)

Martin Eden (Novel—1909)

My Faith (Letter—1909)

The Dream of Debs, Part 2 (Short story—1909)

South of the Slot (Short story—1909)

Adventure (Novel—1911)

The Valley Of The Moon (Novel—1913)

The "Good" Soldier (Essay—1913)

The Army of the Revolution (Essay—1914)

The Mutiny of the Elsinore (Novel—1914)

White Fang (Novel—1915)



Anna Strunsky Walling Memoirs of Jack London



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