Jack London


Written: 1911
Source: Project Gutenberg.
Transcription\HTML Markup: Transcribed from the 1911 Thomas Nelson and Sons edition by David Price for Project Gutenberg. Jack London Internet Archive fomatting and markup by David Walters, checked against an original first edition.
Copyright info: All of Jack London’s writings are in the Public Domain. Please read the Gutenberg Project License for further information.


Part I

Something To Be Done — Something Is Done — The Jessie — Joan Lackland — She Would A Planter Be — Tempest

Part II

A Hard-Bitten Gang — Local Colour — As Between A Man And A Woman — a message from boucher — The Port Adams Crowd — Mr. Morgan And Mr. Raff — The Logic Of Youth — The Martha — A Discourse On Manners — The Girl Who Had Not Grown Up

Part III

“Your” Miss Lackland — Making The Books Come True — The Lost Toy — A Man-Talk — Contraband — Gogoomy Finishes Along Kwaque Altogether — A Message From The Bush — The Head-Hunters

Part IV

Burning Daylight — Modern Duelling — Capitulation — Footnotes

“We are those fools who could not rest
  In the dull earth we left behind,
But burned with passion for the West,
  And drank strange frenzy from its wind.
The world where wise men live at ease
  Fades from our unregretful eyes,
And blind across uncharted seas
  We stagger on our enterprise. ”