Jack London

The People of the Abyss

Written: 1903
First Published: Macmillan, 1903
Source: Project Gutenberg. Released as eBook #1688 on March 20, 2005
Transcription\HTML Markup: Transcription by Project Gutenberg from the Thomas Nelson and Sons edition by David Price. MIA Fomatting/Markup by David Walters
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Author’s Preface

Chapter 1: The Descent

Chapter 2: Johnny Upright

Chapter 3: My Lodging and Some Others

Chapter 4: A Man and the Abyss

Chapter 5: Those on the Edge

Chapter 6: Frying-Pan Alley and a Glimpse of Inferno

Chapter 7: A Winner of the Victoria Cross

Chapter 8: The Carter and the Carpenter

Chapter 9: The Spike

Chapter 10: Carrying The Banner

Chapter 11: The Peg

Chapter 12: Coronation Day

Chapter 13: Dan Cullen, Docker

Chapter 14: Hops and Hoppers

Chapter 15: The Sea Wife

Chapter 16: Property versus Person

Chapter 17: Inefficiency

Chapter 18: Wages

Chapter 19: The Ghetto

Chapter 20: Coffee-Houses and Doss-Houses

Chapter 21: The Precariousness of Life

Chapter 22: Suicide

Chapter 23: The Children

Chapter 24: A Vision of the Night

Chapter 25: The Hunger Wail

Chapter 26: Drink, Temperance, and Thrift

Chapter 27: The Management