Lenin Collected Works: Volume 32


Lenin Collected Works:
Volume 32

December 1920 - August 1921



The Trade Unions, The Present Situation and Trotsky’s Mistakes 76k


The Party Crisis 44k
The Second All-Russia Congress of Miners 48k
Concerning The Conditions Ensuring The Research Work Of Academician I. P. Pavlov And His Associates 8k
Once Again On The Trade Unions, The Current Situation And The Mistakes Of Trotsky And Buhkarin 96k
Speech Delivered at an Enlarged Conference Of Moscow Metalworkers
  February 4, 1920
Speech Delivered the Fourth All-Russia Congress Of Garment Workers
  February 6, 1920
Instructions Of The Central Committee To Communists Working In The People’s Commissariat For Education 12k
The Work Of The People’s Commissariat For Education 32k
Rough Draft of Theses Concerning the Peasants 3k
Letter on Oil Concessions 8k
Integrated Economic Plan 28k
Greetings to The Fifth All-Ukraine Congress Of Soviets 4k
Speech at a Plenary Meeting Of The Moscow Soviet Of Workers’ And Peasants’ Deputies 44k
Letter to G. K. Orjonikidze 8k
International Working Women’s Day 8k
Tenth Congress of the R.C.P.(B.)
  March 8-16, 1921
Speech Delivered at the All-Russia Congress of Transport Workers
  March 27, 1921
To the Trade Union Committee and All Workers of The First State Motor Works 4k
Report on the Tax in Kind Delivered at a Meeting of Secretaries and Responsible Representatives of R.C.P.(B.) Cells of Moscow and Moscow Gubernia
  April 9, 1921
Greetings to the Conference of Representatives of Women's Departments 3k
Report on Concessions at a Meeting of the Communist Group of the All- Russia Central Council of Trade Unions 40k
To the Comrades Communists of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Daghestan, and the Mountaineer Republic 9k
To the Petrograd City Conference of Non-Party Workers 5k
Plan for the Pamphlet The Tax in Kind 20k
The Tax in Kind 104k
Recorded Speeches 9k
To Comrade Krzhizhanovsky, The Presidium Of The State Planning Commission 10k
Instruction of the Council of Labour and Defence Local Soviet Bodies 51k
Tenth All-Russia Conference of the R.C.P.(B) 86k
Speech On Local Economic Bodies Delivered at a Sitting Of The All-Russia Central Executive Committee
  May 30, 1921
Speech Delivered to the Third All-Russia Food Conference
  June 16, 1921
Third Congress of the Communist International
  June 22-July 12, 1921
Speech to Comintern Executive Committee on French Question NOTE: this document was left out of the LCW by the editors. This omission was likely a political act by these editors because this document is a strident defense of Leon Trotsky. It was translated here by John Riddell for the V.I. Lenin Internet Archive and is the first appearance of this document in English.   June 17, 1921 14k
Ideas About a State Economic “Plan” 7k
Greetings to the Delegates of Congress of Tsentrosoyuz 5k
Message of Greetings to the First International Congress of Revolutionary Trade and Industrial Unions 6k
Appeal of the International Proletariat 4k
Appeal to the Peasants of the Ukraine 3k
A Letter to G. Myasnikov 14k
To Comrade Thomas Bell 7k
A Letter to German Communists 33k


Volume 32 Transcription/Mark-up: Brian Baggins, David Walters, and Sally Ryan, Robert Cymbala 2000-2002, 2018

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