Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Lenin Thanks
Workers’ International Relief Committee

Written: 1922
Source: The Communist, December 16, 1922
Publisher: Communist Party of Great Britain
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Proofreader: David Tate
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DEAR COMRADES,—I have just been able to verify through a special enquiry to the Governmental Executive Committee at Perm, the extremely satisfactory news published in our papers about the work of the members of your society and especially of the tractor section headed by Harold Ware working on the Toikino estate in Perm Province.

Notwithstanding the enormous difficulty caused by the great distance of this estate from the society’s headquarters, and by the destruction created in this district by the army of Koltchak during the last civil war, you have achieved a brilliant success.

Please accept my deep felt thanks, which I beg you to make known in your own as well as in the general press.

I shall bring forward a motion to the presidency of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee to officially recognise the work done on this estate, pointing it out as a model, and giving it every support in the way of new constructive works as well as assured supplies of benzine and other material necessary for the work.

Let me say again in the name of our Republic, Thank You, and let me add that no kind of help is so important and so real as the help that you have given us.

President of the Council of People’s Commissars



[This message refers to the Tractor Unit, sent over last June by the American Branch of the Workers’ International Russian Relief Committee. The unit consisted of twenty tractors, with ploughs, harrows, sowers, and drillers, and repair equipment complete. It was accompanied by twenty American comrades, all specialists in farming.

The unit was capable of ploughing up to 200 acres daily and thus strike a great blow against the possibility of future famines. The result achieved were truly remarkable, and constitutes one of the brightest pages in the record of the Workers’ International Russian Relief.—E.T.W.]

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