V. I.   Lenin

Questionnaire for Delegates of the Tenth All-Russia Congress of the R.C.P.

Published: First published in part January 21, 1926 in the newspaper Na Smenu (Sverdlovsk) No. 5. Published in full in 1932 in Lenin Miscellany XX. Printed from the form filled in by Lenin.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, Progress Publishers, 1971, Moscow, Volume 42, pages 450-454.
Translated: Bernard Isaacs
Transcription\Markup: R. Cymbala
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1. Surname: Ulyanov (Lenin)
2. First name and patronymic: Vladimir Ilyich
3. What Party organisation do you belong to (gubernia, town, uyezd army, division): C.C., R.C.P. Moscow
4. No. of delegate’s card ( voting / debating ) No. 21. debating[1]
5. How were you elected (at gubernia conference, uyezd conference, army conference, division conference, general meeting, etc.) and when: from the C.C. debating delegate
6. Number of. Party members represented—at gubernia, uyezd, army, division conferences at which you were elected to the congress: C.C. of 19 people
7. What All-Russia Party con gresses did you attend: all except that of July 1917 (or August?)
8. Date of birth: 1870
9. State of health or disablement: in good health
10. Family status (number of members of the family and dependents): wife and sister live together with me
11. Nationality: Russian
12. Mother-tongue: Russian
13. What other languages do you know and how well English, German, French poorly; Italian very poorly
14. What localities of Russia do you know well and how long did you live there: best of all the Volga district where I was born and lived till 17
15. Were you abroad (when, where and how long): in a number of countries of Western Europe 1895; 1900-1905; 1908-1917
16. Military training: none
17. Education (at what educational establishments did you study; did you graduate, if not how many classes or courses did you complete): graduated Petrograd University (passed extern examinations), law faculty in 1891
18. Basic occupation up to 1917: litterateur
19. What trades do you know: none
20. What occupations were you engaged in after 1917 apart from Party, administrative, trade union and other similar work: apart from those listed, only literary work
21. What trade union do you belong to at the present time: Journalists’ Union
22. What work have you been doing since 1917—administrative, military, trade union, business (apart from Party) work:
When (date from/to, indicate month/year) Where (gub., uyezd, town, army, div.) In what agency In what post
from X. 1917 to III. 1921 Moscow C.P.C. and C.L.D. chairman
23. What work—administrative, military, business, trade union are you doing at the time of filling in this form (apart from Party work):
When (date from/to, indicate month/year) Where (gub., uyezd, town, army, div.) In what agency In what post
since X. 1917 Moscow C.P.C. and C.L.D. chairman
24. How long have you been a member of the R.C.P.(Bolsheviks): since 1894
25. Did you belong to any other par ties, if so, to which, when and for how long: no
26. Did you take part in the revolutionary movement before 1917:
When (date from/to) Where (gub., uyezd, town) In what organisation What work
1892-1893 Samara illegal S.D. circles, and after the founding of the R.S.D.L.P. its member
1894-1895 St. Petersburg
1895-1897 prison
1898-1900 Siberia (Yenisei Gubernia)
1900-1905 abroad
1905-1907 St. Petersburg
1908-1917 abroad
27. Were you subject to repressive measures for revolutionary activities (when, on what occasions): 1887 arrest; 1895-1897 arrest; 1898-1900 Siberia; 1900 arrest
28. How long were you in:
penal servitude      

several days +14 months
I was not
three years
9-10 years
29. What Party work have you been doing since 1917:
When (date from/to, indicate month/year) Where (gub., uyezd, town, army, div., etc.) In what agency In what post
from X. 1917 to III. 1921 Moscow C.C. member C.C.
30. What Party work are you doing at the time of filling in this form:
When (from what date) Where (town, gub., uyezd, army, div.) In what agency In what post
from X. 1917 to III. 1921 Moscow C.C. member C.C.
31. Were you on trial before a Court of Law of the RSFSR or a Party court (when, where, on what charge): no
7th of March 1921 Delegate’s signature:
V. Ulyanov (Lenin)


[1] Lenin was elected to the Tenth Congress of the R.C.P. as a voting delegate by the Fourteenth Petrograd Gubernia Party Conference from the supporters of the “Platform of the Ten”. The delegation was unable to attend the congress in its elected form owing to the critical situation in the city and the counter-revolutionary mutiny at Kronstadt which had just started. Apparently it was in the absence of minutes recording the election of the Petrograd delegation that Lenin wrote in the questionnaire that he had a debating voice. Nevertheless he took p art in the voting of all the resolutions and figured in the list of delegates to the Tenth Party Congress as a voting delegate (see Tenth Congress of the R.C.P.(B.), March 8-16, 1921. Verbatim Report. Moscow, 1963, p. 729).

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