V.I. Lenin

Speech Delivered

At The Funeral Of Yakov Sverdlov

March 18, 1919

Newspaper Report

Delivered: March 18, 1919
First published: in Vecherniye Izvestia Moskovshovgo Soveta No. 196, March 19, 1919
Published: according to the newspaper text
Source: V.I. Lenin Collected Works, Volume 29, Progress Publishers, Moscow, 1965, pg. 95.
Edited by: George Hanna
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We have lowered into the grave the remains of a proletarian leader who did more than anybody to organise the working class and to ensure victory. Now that Soviet power is spreading throughout the world and the knowledge is rapidly gaining ground of how the proletariat, organised in Soviets, is struggling to put its ideas into effect, we are burying a representative of the proletariat who set an example of how to fight for these ideas.

Millions of proletarians will repeat our words: “Long live the memory of Comrade Sverdlov. At his graveside we solemnly vow to fight still harder for the overthrow of capital and for the complete emancipation of the working people... .”