V. I.   Lenin

Re Draft Decision for the C.P.C. on
The Composition of the Committee of Public Works[1]

Written: June 10, 1918
Published: First published in 1933 in Lenin Miscellany XXI. Printed from the manuscript.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, 2nd English Edition, Progress Publishers, 1971, Moscow, Volume 42, page 98a.
Translated: Bernard Isaacs
Transcription\Markup: D. Walters
Public Domain: Lenin Internet Archive (2003). You may freely copy, distribute, display and perform this work; as well as make derivative and commercial works. Please credit “Marxists Internet Archive” as your source.README

The C.P.C. instructs Comrade Rykov, or the Board of the S.E.C., to publish the fundamental principles of our policy in regard to enlisting the services of engineers both for work in the commissions of specialists and for administrative posts, the conditions of publicity, criticism on the part of the workers’ organisations, and so on.


[1] On June 10, 1918, the Council of People’s Commissars heard the reports of M. P. Paviovich and A. I. Rykov concerning endorsement by the presidium of the Supreme Economic Council of the composition of the Committee of Public Works (instituted by Decree of the C.P.C. of May 9, 1918). The present text constituted § 2 of the C.P.C. decision on this question.

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