V. I. Lenin

The Socialist Academy Of Social Sciences


Directives For The Commission

Written: 25 May, 1918
First Published: First published in 1933 In Lenin Miscellany XXI; Published accordlng to the manuscript
Source: Lenin’s Collected Works, 4th English Edition, Progress Publishers, Moscow, 1972 Volume 27, page 405
Translated: Clemens Dutt; Edited by Robert Daglish
Transcription/HTML Markup: David Walters & Robert Cymbala
Online Version: Lenin Internet Archive March, 2002

The Commission is to be instructed:

1) to make a detailed examination of the Rules of the Socialist Academy of Social Sciences for submission to the Council of People’s Commissars and then to the C.E.C.;

2) to begin immediately an exchange of opinions on this question, and also on the question of membership, with non-Russian and foreign Marxists;

3) to compile and discuss a list of suitable and willing candidates as foundation members, and as teachers, for submission of this list to the Council of People’s Commissars and the C.E.C.[1]


[1] Lists of Members of the Socialist Academy of Social Sciences and teachers at the Academy, which had been approved by the All-Russia C.E.C., were published on August 9, 1918, in the newspaper Izvestia VTsIK No. 169.

On February 5, 1922, Lenin was elected a member of the Social-ist Acadoiny. When he was informed of his election by the Pre-sidium of the Academy, Lenin replied with the following note: “I ant very grateful. Unforttinately, I am not well enough to be able to perform even the smallest fraction of the duties of a member of the Socialist Academy. I do not want to be a fictitious member. I therefore request you to remove my name from the list of members or not to include it in the list” (Lenin Miscellany XXXIV, p. 432).