V. I. Lenin

Theses on the Tasks of the Party + the Present Situation

Written: November 1917
Published: First published in 1957 in the journal Voprosi Istorii KPSS No. 1. Printed from the manuscript.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, 1st English Edition, Progress Publishers, 1965, Moscow, Volume 42, page 43.
Translated: Yuri Sdobnikov
Transcription\Markup: D. Walters
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(α) Recognition of the revolution of 25.X. as a socialist revolution.

(β) Rejection of all limitations to this in the spirit of reversion to the bourgeois-democratic revolution (gradual transition; "stage" of the bloc with the petty bourgeoisie, etc.).

(γ) Dictatorship of the proletariat, its special features as compared with "general", formal (bourgeois) democracy, its tactics.

(δ) Soviet power and the power of the. Bolsheviks.

(ε) Agreement with the petty bourgeoisie not in the sense of a bloc for a bourgeois-democratic revolution, not in the sense of restricting the tasks of the socialist revolution, but exclusively in the sense of the forms of transition to socialism on the part of different sections of the petty bourgeoisie.

(ζ) Bourgeois liberties versus suppression of the exploiters.

(η) Saboteurs and capitalists; capitalists and “public opinion” of the bourgeoisie.

(θ) The Constituent Assembly and its subordination to the Soviet power, to the interests and conditions of the civil war.

(ι) Top organisations (Vikzhel, Peasants’ Central Executive Committee, etc.) and the struggle against them.

(κ) Struggle against reformism in its modern presentation:

   (1) the proletariat’s hands tied by fellow-travellers from among the petty bourgeoisie

   (2) restricted scope of the revolutionary struggle of the rank and file

   (3) rejection of terrorism.


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