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Nothing would be more erroneous than to stamp the whole of the Communist Manifesto simply as an historic document. On the contrary. The principles developed by it, the method to which it leads us, the characteristic it gives by a few strokes of the capitalist mode of production, are to-day more valid than ever. The whole actual development, as well as the whole theoretic investigation, of the time since the drawing-up of the Manifesto, are nothing but an unbroken line of confirmations of its fundamental conceptions. Never was the principle more universally accepted that the history of all hitherto existing (civilised) society is the history of class wars; and never has it appeared plainer that the great moving power of our times is the class war between bourgeoisie and proletariat.

From To What Extent is the Communist Manifesto Obsolete? (1904)



1881: State Socialism

1881: The Abolition of the State

1882: The Free Society

1886: Lawyers’ Socialism (with Frederick Engels)

1887/1903: The Economic Doctrines of Karl Marx

1888: Thomas More and his Utopia

1889: Ferdinand Lassalle – A 25-year memorial

1892: The Class Struggle (Erfurt Program)

1895: Our American Reports by F.A. Sorge

1896: Exchange on Historical Materialism – Debate with E. Belfort Bax

1897: Communism in Central Europe in the Time of the Reformation

1899: The Hanover Congress

1899: Frederick Engels: His Life, His Work and His Writings

1899/1900: Autobiographical Sketch

1900: Germany, England and the World Policy

1900: Class War and Ethics

1901: Trade Unions and Socialism

1901: Bernstein’s old articles and new afflictions

1902: The Two Tendencies

1902: Socialist Agitation Among Farmers in America

1902: Karl Kautsky. Autobiography

1902: The Social Revolution and on the day After the Social Revolution

1903: The Social Revolution and on the Morrow of the Social Revolution (alternative translation approved and introduced by Kautsky)

1903: The Aims and Limitations of the Materialist Conception of History

1903: The Intellectuals and the Workers

1903/04: Clericalism and the Socialist Attitude Thereto: A Symposium

1904: On the Problems of the Jewish Proletariat in England

1904: Saint Francis of Assisi – Revisionist of Medieval Communism

1904: To What Extent is the Communist Manifesto Obsolete?

1904: Wardour Street Economics (letter)

1905: Gapon and Socialist Unity

1905: Differences Among the Russian Socialists

1906: Ethics and the Materialist Conception of History

1906: Revolutions, Past and Present

1906: On socialism and trade unionism

1907: Anglo-German Relations

1907: Socialism and Colonial Policy

1908: Foundations of Christianity

1908: The Historic Accomplishment of Karl Marx

1908: Practical Work in Parliament

1909: Must the Proletariat Degenerate?

1909: The Road to Power

1909: Sects or Class Parties

1909: Samuel Gompers, August 1909

1909: Letter to Upton Sinclair, September 1909

1909: Letter to Upton Sinclair, December 1909

1910: England and Germany

1910: What Now? (Continuation)

1910: A New Strategy

1911: The Capitalist Class

1911: Finance-Capital and Crises

1911: Letters to Luttes des Classes

1911: War and Peace: Thoughts for the May Day Festival

1912: The Struggle of the Masses

1912: Capitalism in the Ancient World

1912: The First of May and the Struggle against Militarism

1912: Disarmament and Colonial Policy

1912: Victor Adler

1912: War And Revolution

1912: The “Intellectuals” and Party Principles

1912: Review of Algie Martin Simons’ Social Forces in American History

1912: Gold, Paper Currency and Commodity

1913: High Cost of Living: Changes in gold-production and the rise in prices

1914: Are the Jews A Race?

1914: Ultra-Imperialism (alternate translation)

1914: Preparations for Peace

1917: Prospects of the Russian Revolution

1917: The Russian Revolution

1918: The Dictatorship of the Proletariat

1918: The Bolsheviki Rising

1918: Driving the Revolution Forward

1919: Terrorism and Communism

1919: Guidelines for a Socialist Action Programme

1919: The National Constituent Assembly

1921: Georgia

1922: Ireland

1922: The Moscow Trial and the Bolsheviki

1922: War Guilt (letter)

1923: Methods of Peace-Making

1924: Epitaph of Lenin

1924: The League of Nations

1924: Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Germany

1925: The Labour Revolution

1925: The Lessons of the October Experiment

1927: The Materialist Conception of History – Section Five: The Dialectic

1928: My Book on the Materialist Conception of History

1928: Nature and Society

1932: Communism and Socialism

1934: Hitlerism and Social-Democracy

1934: Marxism and Bolshevism – Democracy and Dictatorship

1937: Unemployment and shortening of the working day

1946: Social Democracy versus Communism


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