T. A. Jackson

Useful and Suggestive


Source: The Communist, June 18, 1921.
Publisher: Communist Party of Great Britain
Transcription/Markup: Brian Reid
Proofreader: David Tate
Public Domain: Marxists Internet Archive (2007). You may freely copy, distribute, display and perform this work; as well as make derivative and commercial works. Please credit “Marxists Internet Archive” as your source.

(1) “The Government of Egypt,” by E. M. Foster.
(2) “Big Navies and Cheap Labour,” by “Deucation.”
(3) “Communism,” by E. and C. Paul.
(4) “The Control of Industry”—Margaret I. Cole.
The Labour Publishing Co., Ltd., 6, Tavistock Square, 6d. each.

These booklets, neatly got-up and well printed, give promising indications of the activity of this new publishing house. “The Government of Egypt” contains a striking and timely record of recent events, with an illuminating description of the machinery of Government in operation until quite lately. Unfortunately for both author and publishers events move so rapidly that it already requires supplementing. It certainly deserves a sale sufficient to make a second edition possible. “Big Navies and Cheap Labour” contain a very valuable statement of the balance of power in the Pacific and some striking indications of the possible causes of war in the near future. The work is marred by the author’s enslavement by the Malthusian Theory of Population in its crudest form. “Communism” is just what one would expect from its indefatigable authors. It is learned, comprehensive, somewhat pedagogic, and a highly useful work. “The Control of Industry,” by Margaret I. Cole, is in some respects the best booklet of the series in the sense that it tackles what is, and will become still more, the most urgent of all practical problems. It has “Guildy” look and the trail of the Fabian is over it all, but none the less, a distinctly readable and suggestive essay. Altogether the Labour Publishing Company are to be complimented.