Marxist Writers: H.M. Hyndman

H. M. Hyndman

H.M. Hyndman




Cavour, August 1877
Bankruptcy of India I, October 1878
Bankruptcy of India II, March 1879
Irish Needs and Irish Remedies, February 1880
Dawn of a Revolutionary Epoch, January 1881
England For All, 1881
Lights and Shades of American Politics, March 1881
The Nationalization of the Land in 1775 and 1882, March 1882
Revolution of Today, January 1884
Will Socialism Benefit the English People, a debate with Charles Bradlaugh, April 1884
A Summary of the Principles of Socialism, with Wm. Morris, May 1884
Six Centuries of Work and Wages, July 1884
Revolution or Reform, August 1884
Something Better than Emigration – A Reply, December 1884
The Radicals and Socialism, November 1885
A Commune of London, pamphlet 1887
The English Workers as they Are, July 1887
Wealth and Ability; Reply to Mr Mallock: rejoinder, November 1887
Marx’s Theory of Value, April 1889
The International Workers' Congress and the German Social-Democrats, April 1889
The International Workers' Congress and the Marxist Clique, June 1889
The International Review, July 1889
The Single Tax versus Social Democracy, Debate with Henry George, July 1889
The International Congress of Workers, August 1889
Eight Hours Movement, a debate with Charles Bradlaugh, July 1890
Commercial Crises of the Nineteenth Century, 1892
America for the United States, 1896
Economics of Socialism, 1896
Social Democrat or Socialist, October 1897
Socialism and the Future of England, March 1898
The International Situation and the International Socialist Bureau, September 1902
Colonies and dependencies, Report to International Socialist Congress August 1904
Liberalism & Labour, 1903
Laborism, Impossibilism and Socialism, May 1903
State Socialists and Social-Democrats, July 1905
The Scientific Investigation of History, February 1906
Ruin of India by British Rule, 1907
Socialism and Labourism in England, 1909
Garibaldi and the Making of Italy, (Review) 1910
Revolutionary Social-Democracy, The Curse of Compromise in Great Britain., 1910
The SDP and Marx and Engels, 2 July 1910
The Tyranny and Corruption of Liberal Bureaucracy, 27 August 1910
Trade Union Unrest and the Class War, October 1910
Pacifism and German Aggression, 1911
The Record of an Adventurous Life, 1911
Further Reminiscences, 1911
Social-Democracy Wins!, 1913
The Murdering of British Seamen, April 1913
Socialism, Materialism, and the War, with E. B. Bax, December 1914
The War of Liberation. The Coming Triumph of Marxist Socialism, February 1915
Social-Democracy and Peace, March 1915
Cromwellism without a Cromwell, May 1915
The Armed Nation, September 1915
Thrift no Panacea without Increased Production, September 1915
The Awakening of Asia, October 1915
Commercial Boycotts and Policies, October 1915
The Railway Problem Solved, November 1915
Who and What is Peter Petroff?, December 1915
The Imprisonment of Petroff, January 1916
The National Railways after the War, February 1916
The Emigration Madness, May 1916
The Awakening of Asia, October 1916
Commercial Boycotts and Policies, October 1916
The Railway Problem Solved, November 1916
The Scandal of our Milk Supply, September 1919
The Evolution of Revolution, 1921
Are We Constitutionally Governed? (II) An Antiquated Assembly, June 1921

Mr. Hyndman on India, By Harold Cox, October 1887

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