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Correspondence between Lazarus Abelson and Morris Hillquit, June 22 & 29, 1899
The Task of the Convention, July 28, 1901
The Disintegration of the SLP and the Establishment of the Socialist Party of America, from History of Socialism in the United States, October 1903
Moderation, Comrades!, May 6, 1905
The Meaning of May Day, May 1, 1906
Report to the National Committee of the Socialist Party, December 24, 1906
Immigration in the United States, 1907
In Self-Defense, 1912
The Red Flag and the Stars & Stripes, December 1912
Murderous War in Europe is the Inevitable Culmination of Murderous European Capitalism, September 5, 1914
Socialism and War, January 1915
Socialist Neutrality, January 9, 1915
Greedy "Charity" Aids Profit Machine, February 27, 1915
The "Collapse" of the International, May 1, 1915
Our Patriotism and Theirs, November 4, 1916
Russia is Free!, March 25, 1917
On Stokes, Russell & Co.: Letter to the Editor of the New York Call, March 27, 1917
Keynote Address to the 1917 Emergency National Convention of the Socialist Party, April 7, 1917
As to Treason, April 26, 1917
The St. Louis Convention and Its Anti-War Program, May 6, 1917
The Provisional Government of Russia and Separate Peace: As Viewed by Socialists, May 13, 1917
Out-Scheidemanning Scheidemann, May 19, 1917
American Socialists and the War, September 1917
The Right of Criticism, October 15, 1917
Labor and the War, July 6, 1918
The Turning Point in Human History, January 1, 1919
The Socialist Task and Outlook, May 21, 1919
Letter to Adolph Germer, August 9, 1919
We Are All Socialists, September 22, 1919
An Interview with Hillquit, October 20, 1919
Socialist Russia Against the Capitalist World, November 7, 1919
The Story of the Egg, November 28, 1919
Socialism - The Hope of the World, May 8, 1920
Dictatorship and the International, May 8-14, 1920
Socialists for Constitutional Methods, May 8-12, 1920
Letter to Eugene V. Debs at Atlanta Federal Prison, June 30, 1920
America Turns to Socialism, September 4, 1920
The Moscow International, September 23, 1920
Radicalism in America, October 15, 1920
Working Class Political Unity, September 7, 1921
Socialist Vote Will Have Worldwide Effect, September 25, 1921
The Story of the British Labour Party, September 1923
At the Bier of Debs, October 22, 1926
A Tribute to Debs, October 23, 1926
Speech to the Third Congress of the Labour and Socialist International, August 6, 1928
Should the American Workers Form a Political Party of their Own? A Debate, 1932
That "Reactionary" International, May 7, 1932
Keynote Speech to the 1932 Socialist Party Convention, May 21, 1932
Correspondence between William L. Patterson, Communist Candidate for Mayor of New York City and Morris Hillquit, Socialist Candidate for Mayor of New York City, Late September 1932
Daniel DeLeon and the 1899 Split of the SLP, from Loose Leaves from a Busy Life, 1934

His Memory Will Point the Way, by Algernon Lee
A Story of Fifty Years of Devotion to Socialism, by William M. Feigenbaum


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